November 18, 2008

Murder Mystery Dinner

On Saturday, in honor of Walt's 27th Birthday, we had a Murder Mystery Dinner at my house. About 3 weeks prior I sent everyone who had r.s.v.p.ed a specific character that they had to dress up as. The "murder" took place on a cruise ship, and there were all sorts of people there: from the shoe sales man, to the tacky millionaire cowboy, to Miss U.S.A., this cruise ship encountered all walks of life. Six dear friends from Texas came to stay with us on Friday night and the festivities did not stop until Sunday afternoon. Every guest, all 25 of them, had to bring an appetizer and Walt and I supplied the dinner. We had lasagna and shrimp penne pasta, lots of great appetizers, wine and of course really great company. The murder happened around 7:45 and after that every "suspect" was given an envelope with their storyline. From that point on it was the guests responsibility to interview every person there and take notes to figure out who was the murderer. This was such a great idea because we had so many different people there that did not know each other. This allowed everyone to "mingle" and since we were in character it was even more fun. After dinner, and after the murderer came forward we had a full on dance party, like we were back in college. The murder mystery dinner was a huge success...and Walt's birthday was so fun! Sorry I have a ton of pics!!

The anchor that I decorated for the front door!

Here is the crime scene where the murder took place.

I had four different table settings for the guests to eat.

Here are the cute cupcakes we made for Walt. I also had a cupcake tray.

Sammy Slick (Matt McKamy) and V.R. Ewing (Walt) just chillin on the cruise before the murder happened. Sammy was a photocopier salesman...can we say greasy slime ball??!! He did an amazing job with his character, and V.R. stands for Very Rich...he was a millionaire cowboy that was great friends with the man that got shot.

Elana Trump, (her husband was the man that got shot)...she was not being very faithful to her husband and was in love with the bartender, she was all about glitz, glam, big jewelry and she is posing with V.R.

Yoko Union (Ashley), who has the typical hippie on the boat, with Sammy Slick and Ryan Brewer (Preston), the bartender whom Elana Trump is currently having secret relations with.

Vinnie Sarduchi was the Italian mafia man, who had very good business relations with the man, Elana's husband) that got shot.

Joan Waters, a talk show host, was on board the ship. She was there interviewing the man that ended up dying, conveniently enough, Joan had a gun hidden in her purse...did she kill Ronald? Gary the Gunslinger was a gun salesman taking a cruise... did he kill Ronald?

Like I said earlier.... Sammy Slick did a fabulous job all night being extra creepy....

Miss USA (Sue) was on board because Ronald was the man in charge of all the pageants. He was about to pull the plug on the pageant though and this could have led to her having a motive to kill the man...besides he never gave her the scholarship money she won.

Elana and Joan..she had her microphone and all, ready to interview me.

I told you Gary brought guns!!!

Maybe Franky J the rapper, or Edith Redenbaker the popcorn queen did it? They did have gloves to cover up the finger prints.

Murphy Black the reporter just so happened to be on the cruise and here she is with Hanz Valentino the upper class entrepreneur. Here they are claiming that they were napping when the crime took place.

I told you I was in love with the bartender!!

Marlena Maples, Trumps public relations representative, is chit chatting with Vinnie.


Classic Pictures

Check out the Walter's in his pockets!

Was the party a success? If it ended with two girls being pooped on the couch.. I THINK SO!!

Preston in his outfit to go home the next day. He thought he packed his flip flops, but he didn't! So... it was either the dress shoes or the boots!!

Thank you so much to everyone that came to the party! We had a blast! A HUGE thank you to our fabulous Texas friends! You helped out so much and it would NOT have been a party without you! WE LOVE YOU!!


kinsey said...

how fun!! and was that your bridesmaid dress from nichole's wedding that you're wearing?! ;-)

Moe said...

Wow! That was wonderful. It looks like everyone had a blast. Now how will you ever top that?

poco said...

I wish i would of came.. now let's plan Turkey day dinner.. call me back bia!

Yelda said...

LOVe the cupcakes... love that idea. very cute!

Sarah K. said...

What a great party thanks so much for inviting us!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

What a GREAT idea!!! I found your blog on Dwelling in the Land and wanted to stop by...

Btw, I instantly fell in love with your header..."our song" is Jack Johnson's "Better Together" and that reminded me of that!

Sue Mirasol said...

What a wonderful party you put together! Great theme, food, decor, dancing, and most of all.....COMPANY!!!! I missed you and those great dance moves!

Katie, Rick, Darcy, Hana and Piper said...

love your pictures! and I love the happy birthday sign on your mantel...did you make that?!? glad walt's party was such a success!

Patrick Nobles said...

very impressive idea. Loved the entry. happy birthday!

Mc Allen said...

OMGAW,you are awesome!!! I loved the pics, and I am in awe of how much work you did and how great it turned out!!! LA