December 11, 2008

Week full of surprises!

In one of my previous post I talked about how it was going to snow in my classroom this week while we were reading, The Family Under the Bridge. Well guess what?!? It SNOWED!! It snowed last year in my classroom while we were reading Stone Fox and my students loved it... so they asked me if they could have snow again. Of course, I didn't tell them when it was going to snow... I just told them to bring their scarves, gloves and mittens because according to my forecast it was going to happen. We opened up the windows a little to let in some cool air, and the children in the book went and purchased pancakes from a vendor, so what do you know....we had snow AND pancakes! It's been a fun week!

On another husband absolutely CANNOT keep a secret. I came home from school recently and he had already opened up the box that my Christmas present had arrived in. He then told me he was NOT going to wrap it because it was already so pretty.... so this is what I found under the tree. I do wish it would have been wrapped, BUT I am very excited about opening up this present!!
Oh... the lonely present under the tree
Oh wait.. NOW you can tell what it is!!


the spicer blog said...

I hope I have a box under my tree that looks like that! So excited you are going to makeover my blog for me- I am working on getting you the stuff so you have a project during the holidays!

kinsey said...

do you know what's in the box?? or did he do it on his own?? either way, good boy! ha!

POCO said...

Your spoiled rotten! What's Walt buying me :)

BabyGraham said...

I am not commenting anymore until you comment on mine since you admitted you are not a "commentor"

Jillian said...

i agree with Walt that's it's already pretty enough. brown is always beautiful. :)