December 14, 2008

Wrapping Away....

Walt and I took our annual trip to Kansas City this weekend to go Christmas shopping. I say annual only because we have made this a yearly excursion since we got hitched. I try really hard not to buy Christmas stuff up until this point, so that we can spend all day on Saturday shopping. Why go to Kansas City when Tulsa has everything that we need? Ok.. have you ever BEEN to Kansas City? I'm talking if I could, I would sell everything I have, quit my job, leave everything behind...(ok, well Walt and Gracie would have to come with) and move to Kansas City right now. RIGHT NOW. I lllllloooooovvvvveeeeee (you get the point) Kansas City. We always stay at the Marriott right on the Plaza, so everything we need is in walking distance.

This always seems to be a great get away for me, Walt and Gracie. What did I say... Gracie? Yes, Gracie... she can actually stay at the Marriott AND all of the shops allow dogs inside the Plaza. She loves it... can't you tell from this picture right here? this picture doesn't do her justice. If you are an avid blog reader of mine then you know that Gracie HATES clothes... but it was so cold outside, she had to wear her jacket. (Actually yes, this jacket is from the early 90's... my old family dog Puddin' that's Puddin' without the "g" wore this coat. Nothing like handmedowns. And we had SEVERAL people comment on how badly they wanted this jacket.. talk about a stylish dog.) Gracie went shopping with us all day on Saturday and by the time Saturday night rolled around she was ready to stay in the hotel room and sleep. I don't know if it was because she was tired, or if she was going to try to get into the dog birthday cake that we got her. Oh yes.. she will be turning 3 on December 25th. But actually, in dog years she's going to be legal... the big 2-1!
So... Saturday night Walt and I went out for drinks at Brio and then we went to eat a Classic Cup. Talk about AH-MAZING! Their hummus, soup and shrimp pasta was "the best" we have ever eaten. While we were at Brio we watched the Heisman Trophy presentation.....needless to say Walt and I were utterly disappointed. I feel like I have a strong connection to The University of Texas considering that my mother and brother both went there...oh wait and I am from Texas. I really was sad when Colt's name was not announced. Can't you tell by the face?

Back to Kansas City.... so the Plaza has amazing lights at night.... these pictures aren't very clear, but it so gets you into the Christmas spirit.

We were disappointed that it did not snow this year. However, when we left Kansas City and made our drive back to Oklahoma the temperature slowly rose to 70 degrees. Depressing, huh? Well, Walt made a little trip to get our weekly groceries and he called me to tell me to step outside. The weather had gone from 70 degrees to 40 degrees in a matter of minutes. And now... the weather is 21... with a wind chill of EIGHT! Yes... single digits baby!! Here is our weekly...COLD forecast:

So... I was extremely excited to get home and start wrapping presents!! I mean I almost couldn't contain myself!! I had already picked out my color scheme, green and brown, and I had to get to town on wrapping those presents. Here are some of the end products. Of course the ornament has the "receivers" name on it!!

And this is what my sweet, darling, dear, extremely creative husband was doing while I wrapped ALL of our presents:

Now it is back to wrapping presents, hoping that the Cowboys win, wishing that I had never said anything good about T.O. and trying to stay warm with my husband!! Baby... it's cold outside!


kinsey said...

what a fun weekend! can i hire you to wrap my presents for me?? i'm the one who uses cheap paper and doesn't even put a bow on them! jealous that you are not in school today too. LUCKY!

Life in Oh-me-ha said...

Ya'll are too cute! ok, I want to hire you to do a header for me over Christmas holidays. How much do ya charge??? Email me at

Erin said...

Oh, your post brought back memories for me! I lived in Kansas City for a year during my residency in an apartment right off The Plaza and definitely frequented the stores often. It is a great city!

the spicer blog said...

You are too cute- need to open a business or something. I looked at that paper in Hobby Lobby, and chose something else- wish I would have gone with it now! Oh well!Hope you got my blog stuff- still need your address, so I can pay you before you get started!

The Branches said...

what pretty Christmas wrapping! It's my favorite thing to do...I love the little bells on them too!