January 1, 2009

Holiday Recap '08

We're Back! I am sure that so many of you didn't even realize we were gone, but we are now finally at home and within reach of a familiar computer! We've been gone since Friday, December 19th. We headed down to Dallas for Poco's Masters Graduation, stayed in Dallas with family until Christmas Eve, traveled to Daingerfield Christmas Eve, stayed there until Monday the 29th, went back to Dallas because mom had surgery, stayed with her until Wednesday and then on Wednesday we made the trip back to Owasso, with two visitors for the next two weeks....Mom and Phoebe! We had a wonderful holiday and some much needed family time. But... we did feel like we might have been wearing out our welcome....like Ben Franklin said, "Family and fish get old after three days."
We definitely wore out our 3 day welcome!! However, it was so fun and here are some pictures for the recap:
On Saturday, December 20th Poco graduated with her masters in Speech Pathology for Communication Science Disorders. We were all so proud of her! After graduation we went and ate at Bob's Steakhouse, then had a little graduation party for several of the grads.
Me with the Grad

Poco with all of the fam....minus Nichole..but she was there in spirit!

Nana and Poppy of course came...they paid for it all!

Walt and I at Quarter Bar...where we spent most of the night.

I was so excited that I got to see Ryan!! I hadn't seen him in 6 years!! We spent almost every summer together down at the beach AND he was my date to my senior prom!! All of the FAMILY!!(well, almost all) My sister in the front with her roommate Lindsay Wilson, my brother Spencer, my sister in law Lauren, Walter, Me, my sister in law Ashley and Preston, my brother in law-Walt's brother! Me, Poco and Caroline....girls from MP
Me and Ashley

Lindsay and me! She has been the greatest roommate with Poco....I will miss seeing your sweet face when I come to stay!!

Spencer and Ryan...bringing back some good old beach memories...if only we had gatorade and vodka, huh?

On Monday, December 22nd, me, Walt and momma tried out an Indian food restaurant in Irving called Masala...it was delicious! Tuesday, December 23rd, I went to see the Nutcracker with Poco and Lindsay, while Walt went and hung out with some of his friends, Kevin and Cumbie at Uptown Pub.
Me and Poco before Nutcracker

Walt and I went home Christmas Eve and we attended the Christmas Eve service. On Christmas morning we were greeted with so many presents and even gifts from Santa! Walt's mom got us matching p.j.'s and we had so much fun taking pictures!
Walt received a gift from Gracie Mae!! A miniature yorkie...so he can take "her" with him on all of his trips! He was so happy about it...can't you tell?

My fabulous purse! I LOVE IT! I can use it for so many things!!

Momma 2 got me and Ashley some super cute boxers....if you can't read them they say, "Nice Bass!"

Look at us in our cute matching p.j.'s!!

We wrapped dad's present in a "kotex" box...needless to say when he opened up this gift he was quite shocked and we all got a lot of laughs!

Family picture!

Just the kiddos!

Just the girls! On Christmas Day we also celebrated Miss Gracie Mae's birthday!! She turned 3! I know I am going to sound so silly when I say this, but on Christmas morning, (the morning of her birthday) she came and woke us up with tons of kisses and was so excited. It's like she KNEW it was her birthday! She put on her pretty birthday sweater and we had a birthday cake just for her that she could eat...along with the other dogs there! She even had a stocking and had some really neat things in there for her!
Beautiful birthday girl!!

Her birthday cake!!

Our sweet little family....celebrating Miss Gracie's birthday

She loves her cake

Her "complete" outfit!
The day after Christmas we all went to see "Marley and Me." Don't go see this if you don't want to cry! Oh my goodness, I bawled! Sunday, December 28th, we all went to church then out to lunch to celebrate Walt's mom's 21st birthday! (ha!) On Monday Walt and I came back to Dallas because my mom was having surgery and now we are finally home! We love holidays and family time, but man...it feels good to be home!! So, from our house to yours we hope you
Ok... since our computer had a virus...we can't find our "scanner" cd to reconnect the program... so I did the best I could taking a picture of our Christmas card. With that said... Happy New Year! We hope your 2009 is wonderful and filled with many wonderful blessings! Now.. stop reading this and go eat yourself some black eyed peas!!


BabyGraham said...

I love the post and all the new pictures! We miss you all! Happy Late Birthday Gracie! I especially like the fake Gracie for Walt. I'll bet that was his favorite gift of all!

Travis and Natalie Riley said...

Looks like y'all had a good Christmas. Walt did a mice job with your new Louis! You must have been a good girl this year.