February 15, 2009

What comes after Valentine's?

Ok, so most of you that read my blog know that I LOVE to decorate for holidays, seasons, ect. Well...now that Valentine's is over it is now time to focus on an exciting time of the year... SPRING! Granted, I know spring isn't coming until the end of March and Easter isn't even until April, but I also like to plan ahead. My weekends are completely booked until the first weekend of April, so I figured if I am going to do any kind of decorating it needed to be done now. Promise I won't show you all of my pictures....I'll save that until we are at least into March. However, I did have some pictures that I wanted to show you. I love to read blogs... especially blogs that teach people how to make certain things, or re-arrange your house without buying anything. Now... if you were to walk into my house you would see mainly primary colors. The second you walk in, you see my couch and you are drawn to this:
I love primary colors; however, when I decorated my mantle for spring, I just wasn't feeling the primary colors. So... I remembered a blog that I read talking about how to make your own pillow covers. I really didn't want to get out and go to Wal-Mart, so I started thinking....I had a needle, I had thread...but....did I have fabric? Oh wait... for Walt's birthday party, I used 3 white table covers AND I have 3 different color green pillows located in different rooms of my house. I think I'm coming up with something here... what if I put the three green pillows on my couch, and made 2 white pillow cases and placed those along side the three green pillows? Hmm...so... I got one of the table cloths from Walt's party:

This wasn't the exact one, but you get my drift. Now... technically I purchased this...but I do remember that it was on sale at Wal-Mart for $4.00. So... I started cutting, and I starting sewing...which is something I never do. When I got finished my pillows looked like this:

Oh gosh...but those green pillows would not look good with my red lamp sitting at the side table.. it's ok...you can scroll back up to see it. So... I went into my third bedroom and found a lamp shade that I wasn't using, switched it out, re-arranged my pillows and NOW look at my cozy, "spring time" couch.... I redid this whole thing using stuff around my house:

Wait.. I'm gonna let you see again


Ok... so another "spot" in my house that needed work, and all I did was re-arrange things. I have this area right beside our dinner table and it was all dressed up for "winter"...don't worry, I took off the Santa Clauses and tree after Christmas and replaced it with something else. Well... on my fir down I had some "white" sit arounds, in my junk closet I had a frame I wasn't using and some old polka dotted scraps.... so... I brainstormed and just by re-arranging my stuff and printing off a "B" from the computer, I ended up with this:

Much more springish...I think... here's a closer look at that frame that I am now completely in love with:

and the last thing that I will show you for today... so I had some extra fabric left over from making the pillow cases... and I really wanted some curtains above my sink. I've read blogs that show you exactly how to do it....decided I would give it a try... it's not perfect, nor is it even, but I spent nothing on them and when I feel like taking them down... it will take 10 seconds.. and they only took 10 minutes to make and hang.

So... I can officially say that my house is now more geared towards spring. I do believe in changing things out every once in a while... and there's no need to spend a ton of money... I'm sure you have things just lying around the house that can be re-arranged. Come March... I'll show you my decorations! P.S. if my nana had a computer... I think she'd die if she knew I just make curtains from a tablecloth AND I didn't sew them!


Ashleigh said...

I love the spring look, you have inspired me....i'll have to come up with something to do around my house now.

Yelda said...

you seriously are a trading spaces queen :o) love it all, great job!

The Zipser Family said...

soo creative and cute. I need to find that creativity in me!

Jenny M said...

Fancy Shmancy! Looks great!

jen + ryan said...

hi! i stumbled across your blog and realized i recognize you! i lived with sundae nichols for 2 years at baylor and she said the greatest things about you! love your blog and hope everything's going well. just wanted to say hi!

Lacy said...

You are SUCH a great decorator!! Your creativity gives me hope! :)

Lindsey said...

hello martha stewart! i love the pillows, mer. have fun with your sweet momma!