February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to http://www.mycharmingkids.net/ blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
Alright, so since I had today off and I have seen blogs that do their weekly "not me Mondays" I decided I would give it a try:
  • I most certainly did NOT watch Father of the Bride part II today and bawl my eyes out for the 500th time...NOT ME
  • I am not secretly hoping that people will link themselves to my new widget on the side... no, I don't like to see who visits my blog.
  • I did not make brownies from scratch and eat the entire batch by myself...NOT ME
  • I have not been cooped up in my house since Thursday night and only ventured out to go to Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby...definitely NOT me.
  • I did not take down all of my Valentine's on Friday the 13th because I was depressed to be spending my 3rd MARRIED Valentine's day... ALONE... again! I would never do such a thing
  • I am not counting down the days until my husband is NO LONGER traveling...nah...I love him being gone, right?
  • I did not get a little excited when I realized we didn't have school today....no, not me... I love my job waaaaaayyyyy too much
  • I did not clean the kitchen 6 times this weekend because I was so bored....why would I do such a thing?
  • I did not make a huge batch of chicken vegetable soup for the week because when my mom gets here I don't want her to have to cook....but she's the mother, shouldn't she be cooking?
  • I do not have DUCT TAPE on the bottom of my foot to get rid of my plantar's wart.. it is such a fashion statement and conversation piece...
  • I did not let Gracie snack on some of my Valentine's day nerds...we were watching a movie and she thought the strawberry and fruit punch combination was so good. What dog really does that?
  • I have not checked my sister's blog about 5,000 times because I can't wait to see a new update on Jack... I don't love him that much now do I?
  • I did not stay at home this weekend and watch 4 movies, cry in all of them, eat 5 pieces of pizza , don't forget the brownies and drink wine...of course I would never.
  • Lastly.. I am not a little happy that I won't be at school Wednesday or Thursday and my momma will be here to take care of me... no way.. I'm NOT a momma's girl!


colby ranae said...

cuuuute! glad you had a lovely holiday!! xx

Wayne said...

Great not me! Mondays I thought your not me's was very amusing keep em coming

Anonymous said...

I am NOT ready to end my last trip (hopefully) and stop from being away from you---Not me


jen + ryan said...

i am NOT rethinking my job/career choice even though that's the only thing i have experience in...

oh! and note: my word verification says "workingl"... coincidence???? :)

Mc Allen said...

aww, walt posted. Cute!!! Have fun playin hookie... (okay, not really!) and have fun with mam!! ♥ LA