March 30, 2009

I've Neglected You...and I'm Sorry.

I've neglected you and I am so very sorry. I am normally really good at updating and I usually keep up with everything going on in my life, but here lately it has been crazy. I hate to say it...but I am really glad that March is OVER. Blog...I've been out of town every weekend but one in March, and now it is finally time to stay at least for ONE weekend, before Easter. I'm also sorry blog that I broke my camera two weekends ago and I haven't gotten my pictures developed from my "outdoor" camera. (Yes, blog...that means I took a camera WITHOUT a flash to one of my bestest couple friends' wedding.) I promise you blog, once I get those pictures developed I WILL post the pictures of the beautiful bride....and all the pictures of me and my friends holding candles, so we could have a "fake" flash. As for now I am going to leave you with pictures from the following:

Ashley's Bachelorette Party
March 7th--Dallas

Me with my soon to be sis!

The lingerie outfit that I purchased her!

Spring Break
March 14th-Owasso
Baylor BEATS UT to advance to the Big 12 Championship
I'm sporting my green and gold, but Sara decided to NOT support the Bears...BOO!

Why didn't anyone wear green but me?
Matt and Sue's Rehearsal!!
March 20th-Dallas
Walt and I at the rehearsal dinner

Patty B and Todd...they love each other...and I was so glad to see them.
Me and Momma Kinsey!! Miss you!!

Me with the bride to be...Sue!!

Oh that would be the Loser sign alright...Mr. Tyler McKamy..aka THE BEST MAN..did NOT give a speech at the rehearsal. Must have been the nerves...he made up for it the next night.

After the rehearsal at Black Friar....I stole this picture off Poco's facebook. My camera was already broken. I WILL post pics of the wedding...PROMISE! The wedding was beautiful! Matt and Sue were so much fun! Once the reception was over, they came back to the hotel bar and partied with us until 2 AM!
Ashley and Preston's Rehearsal Dinner
March 27th-Dallas
Me and Poco at Knox Street Pub after the rehearsal. Miss her so much. Love her so much.

Having a grand ole time with my hubby!

About to break it down on the dance floor!
The rehearsal was amazing! Mom and Dad did such a great job! Everyone had the greatest things to say about the bride and groom! What a special night!
Ashley and Preston's WEDDING!
March 28th-Dallas

Me with the GORGEOUS bride on her wedding day...just minutes before she became my sister...and the best part....the new Mrs. Bass!

The groom's cake

Her AMAZING cake....beautiful!

Mr. and Mrs. Bass cutting the cake

The best man, my hot husband, giving his speech...and he even threw in some married advice!

Someone stole my camera...(yes, I got's a fabulous hand-me-down from Preston and Ashley) and stole a kiss!!
That would be my brother and sister in law...smoochie smoochie!

I was OH so excited that I got to see Mrs. Mallory Green! It's been too long, AND they promised they would come to Tulsa in July...YAY!!

Me with my beautiful momma!

Me, Spencer and Poco....don't get to spend enough time with them.

Preston taking off Ashley's garter...they were so cute.
The wedding was gorgeous....Ashley and Preston probably had the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. There was so much love that day...and Walt and I are so blessed to have such a great brother and sister.
I danced with Tucker the ENTIRE songs, slow songs...Man, he is a great dance partner... for only being 11 years old HE CAN MOVE!! Mom and Dad better watch out, because they definitely have a heart breaker on their hands!! The girls are gonna go crazy over him in the next couple of years!

He also loves kisses from his biggest sister!! Don't let this picture fool you!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

it ws good to see you again! You looked beautiful standing up there! the wedding was gorgeous wasn't it?!

KSchulz said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you posted. I've been's become an addiction :)
You look so beautiful and skinnyyyyy in all of these pics!
Love you my friend. Don't forget to send your address!

Poco said...

Love and MIss you already.. Please move back to Dallas!!

Yelda said...

welcome back :o)
i love that yellow ruffled dress where did you get it???

Poco said...

Terodactyl :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Eric will be jealous!