March 1, 2009

Talking Bout JackMan

My weekend was crazy, but in a good sort of way! Nichole, Greg and Jack flew down to Dallas on Thursday night so this weekend was jam-packed with some good ole' family time. I arrived in Dallas late Friday night, (Walt went on to Waco for a bachelor's party) Poco and I were able to hang out Friday night and then Saturday was dedicated completely to my family. Not only was Jack in was also my Nana's 77th birthday! What a fabulous birthday for her....getting to see her 1st great grandchild for the very FIRST time! After I spent some QT with Jack and my family, Poco and I then went back home, had some great sushi, came home played several games of Taboo with some friends (THE AMAZING RACE) and then went out for the night. It's hard to think that the next time I see Jack he will be WALKING and probably TALKING up a storm! These are the times when you really hate being so far away from your family.

This was Miss Gracie on Friday morning. I couldn't find her...she definitely takes after Walt... he hates getting up for work!
Oh my goodness....My poppy with his great grandson... what a precious picture!
We had lunch on Saturday with all of my family and with Greg's family. Greg's brother and sister in law had a baby also... Grayson! Grayson and Jack are 6 weeks apart... and GRAYSON is the older baby!!
My Nana with her sweet birthday cake.
Look at that big boy smiling at me!
Uncle Spencer and his sweet nephew
I had to get in on some of that action too!
Playing with his toys!
LOOK at those C-U-R-L-S!
The girls with their favorite baby!
All of the fam... minus Walt
Love my Pokey
Me and Jaclyn... how I've missed this girl!
I know it's blurry... but you can tell how much fun we were having!


Yelda said...

AHhhhh i loved the pics of all the family! Everyone looks so great and your Nana and Poppy too! TEll your Nana Happy Birthday for me! Your all so lucky you got to be with JACK! and i guess nichole and greg too haha JK jk. xoxo yelda

Poco said...

I got the rent check in the mail today.. How are we all gonna spilt it?? hahah Love you!!!

BabyGraham said...

I love you and miss you!