April 14, 2009

Eggcellent Weekend

Walt and I had a fabulous Easter weekend. We went home to Daingerfield where we were able to run around the state park every morning, catch up with Nana and Poppy, eat at the best hamburger joint ever (Randy's), visit Aunt B and Uncle Joe (and get a piece of furniture from Walt's grandparents), watch Tucker play baseball, have some fried catfish, hushpuppies and coleslaw, and help with an Easter egg hunt! I must say it was an "egg-cellent" weekend! It's always so hard for me to believe that adding ONE extra day to the weekend makes so much of a difference....but it does! I don't know what it is about East Texas but the lifestyle there is so much more relaxed. Everytime I go home I always feel like I am going back to my childhood...carefree days, no worries, great food and great company. We have been away from home an awful lot lately, but this visit was a much needed get-away.
Tucker had his second baseball game on Friday.....he is so adorable. When Walt and I first saw Tucker on Thursday night he told us that he thinks, "he made a mistake by playing baseball again this year." When I asked him why, his response was this, "Well, we have to practice every day." Obviously the practicing is paying off because they are undefeated right now. I know...it's only his second baseball game, but come on! Here is my sweet little Longhorn at his game. I must say having Tucker as my brother in law is definitely one of the greatest things about being married to Walt!

Here he is getting ready to bat
Swing....batter batter....S-W-I-N-G!
And look at that perfect form!

Here he is playing third base...concentrating hard.

This was a great play by Tucker. He was able to get the man out at second base!

Walt's cousin, David, and his wife, Jessica, have two adorable children...Jack (5) and Page (3). They were in from Conneticut visiting for the month of April. This made Easter even more fun. We dyed eggs and when the Bass's had the annual First Baptist Church of Daingerfield's Easter Egg Hunt, they were so fun! Every year Walt's parents hold the Easter Egg Hunt at their house and I love seeing all the kiddos scrounging around for eggs. Gracie of course is a HIT with the children....I just wish that she wouldn't be SO terrified of them.
Sweet Page learning how to dye her eggs for the Easter Bunny!

All of the eggs that Jack and Page dyed

Some of the girls from the hunt huddling around the Easter Bunny

Jack decided he would pick up some of the eggs before the hunt started, so David (dad) had to put them back in their place.

Momma Bass giving a short devotional before the hunt

Page is excited!

My main man trying out some of the Easter favors

Miss Alex LOVES Gracie....but I don't think that we can say that Gracie LOVES Alex. Look at those big bug eyes...she is screaming, "MOM...HELP ME OUT HERE! PUT ME DOWN!"

Alex trying out the Easter favors also...look at those cheeks.

Sweet Maddox was READY for the Easter Bunny! He went and saw the Easter Bunny at the park and gave him THREE kisses....he was reenacting it for me here. Isn't he precious!?!
What an "egg-cellent" Easter!


Life in Oh-me-ha said...

What age division is Tucker in? We play the DF Longhorns this season but I think Tucker isolder than Trace for some reason. I may be wrong. Trace is in the 9/10 year division. Is Tucker in 11/12 yr. olds?