April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday ROO!

Dearest Riley,

Please forgive me that I forgot to call you yesterday. It was actually my momma's fault. She came home with a sinus headache and went straight for the couch. I want to let you know that I hope you had a VERY Happy 5th Birthday!
Riley, I've loved you from the moment I saw you. Not too many men can wear any outfit and look sexy!

You always come up with the greatest things for us to do when our momma's are away! I love having play dates with you, and I never get tired of seeing you. There's only one man in this world that I love more than you, (my daddy) and I know there is only one woman you love more than me (you're momma)! I love it when we take pics together...so many memories we share. I could not ask for a better boyfriend! Thank you for being the old man that you are! Happy Birthday Roo Boo....you are better lookin' every day! I'm sorry I'm a day late. Know that I love you and I can't wait until next weekend, so we can celebrate... until then...you have my heart.
Happy Birthday and I love you,


kinsey said...

oh my goodness he is adorable. the picture of him in the santa hat reminds me SO much of murph.

Riley roo said...

Dear Girlfriend/and Aunt Meredith~

I have finally decided it is okay to write you guys back even after you completely forgot about my BIG DAY. I miss yall both so much and thank you for blogging about how amazing handsome/awesome I am.. I can't wait to come see yall next Friday.. until then much hugs and kisses