May 3, 2009

Beautiful Mess

I feel that the title of my blog is pretty appropriate right now. My life right is a beautiful mess! While I am thankful for everything that I have been blessed with, some things are a little out of place, or up in the air! Walt and I are waiting to see where we will be placed for the next three years, could it be Bartlesville again, or some place different? School is coming to a close, and while I am so excited about summer, I don't know what I am going to do with myself when I am NOT teaching the same 80 kids that I have had every day for the past 2 years. With summer quickly coming, everything is all coming to an end at once!! Walt and I are also dealing with more personal issues, and everyone knows how stressful that can be! So, I do apologize for leaving any of my faithful blog readers hanging lately. (I know I don't have many, but some people have wondered why the long gap in between posts.)

I've always said that you know someone is quite incredible when they said just as amazing live as they do on their CD. Jason Mraz does just that. He is brilliant! When Walt and I first started dating he was really into country, and don't get me wrong, he still is.....but he is slowly, but surely switching over to my kind of music once in a while. The Plain White T's opened for Jason, and while I have never really been a fan, they were AWESOME! They sounded incredible live as well, so I'm thinking I might just start listening to some of their music as well! Jason didn't even come on until 9:30 and my bedtime is 9:30, so you KNOW that I really wanted to see him if I stayed up that long! Walt loved the concert and thought that Jason was amazing! He put on a great concert and he even sang a little bit of opera for us! I am going to see him again, and again, and again in concert. He's definitely in my top 5 singers of all time!
I was so excited about seeing J-Mraz!
Walt was so great for getting us tickets!
Yay! Can't wait...we are on our way!!
Had to bring along the ROADIE!!

The Plain White T's...we weren't sitting close, so the pics aren't great

Jason was about to come out!!

so incredible!!

Just wanted to show some pics of Gracie. Every time Walt goes home he always stops by Dairy Queen to get an ice cream...I don't know if he does it for Gracie, or for himself?!?

I think this last picture says it all...Look how LARGE her eyes are! She LOVES her daddy's ice cream! I hope everyone has a great week!!


The Zipser Family said...

Sounds like a fun time! I will pray for you that all works out with everything!

Yelda said...
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Yelda said...

well i was thinking of ya! hope your doing ok :o) love yelda
any chance you will get placed overseas ;o)

the spicer blog said...

I am one of your faithful blog readers, but know better than anyone how life can get in the way. Hope everything turns out even better than you hope!!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

looks like yall had a great time! I'm jealous!!

Marci said...

Hi Meredith!
I'm so glad I found your blog! You look great and you and Walt look very cute and happy together! Good to "see" you!