May 4, 2009

I love your knees

Just had to share this comment from one of my kids:

The other day we were reading Tale of Despereaux in my first class. Despereaux is a little mouse who doesn't exactly fit in. His ears are really large, he was born with his eyes open and he is extremely small for a mouse. Well, Despereaux meets the beautiful Princess Pea and she tells him that his ears are beautiful. At this point in the book Despereaux considers fainting, because someone so beautiful has made a wonderful comment about his rather large ears.
I then proceeded to explain to my kids that we all have things about us that we are self conscious about and when someone comments are our insecurities we get a great feeling of happiness. Whether it is your ears, your eyes, whatever....everyone is self conscious about something.
My kids then asked me what I was self conscious about and I told them my knees. Of course at this point in the conversation all of my kids look down straight at my knees. I talked to them about how I have always just hated the way they looked. We then proceeded to move on with the story.
Well the next day one of my sweet, sweet kids came in to tell me good-bye for the day. He gave me his precious hug and started to walk out the door, but he turned hesitantly and looked at me then said these words, "Mrs. Bass....I love your knees." My heart melted right there.


P-o-c-o said...

If I come to ur class do u think they will tell me that they love my thighs?? oh and my nose??? hahahha :)

Yelda said...

oh my, that is so cute! how sweet!

Jenny said...

I love it when lessons like that sink in. Teachable moments! Too sweet!

BabyGraham said...

That is so cute! Love you!

Emily said...

First, that is just adorable! I taught third grade last year, and every once in awhile they just blow you away don't they?

Second, I found your blog via The Milams (via I can't remember now) but I left a comment for her asking who designed her blog and she pointed me to you! Would love to talk to you about doing a blog design for me, if you have time!