May 30, 2009

You two look exactly alike...and you have the same NOSES!

Well over in my neck of the woods it is officially summer and what better way to start off my summer by having my big sister come and visit! Nichole flew in from North Carolina on Thursday afternoon and she left on Saturday morning. Short trip, I know...but it was well worth it! I can't remember the last time Nichole and I hung out together and it was just us....I'm thinking that time might be in highschool when we shared a room together....yea you get my was a LONG TIME AGO!
So on Thursday night we came home, Walt fixed us salmon over a bed of salad with sweet potatoes...he totally catered to us. We drank some wine, and just talked. It was great. Friday morning we got up, went to Utica, ate lunch at Queenie's and then went shopping. When we were in Saks a lady came up to us and said, "Oh my gosh, you two look exactly alike...and you have the same noses!" Mine and Nichole's noses are definitely something that we do NOT like....that is the ONE THING that we do NOT want to have that is alike!! We HATE our noses!! I would LOVE it if someone told me that I had the same legs or knees as Nichole...but nose?? DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL!! But we laughed it off any way. We then went to my school, Nichole was able to meet some of my teacher friends and then it was off to get pedicures!!
Friday night we went and ate at Garlic Rose...oh so good, and had the best time. Ben Kilgore was performing on the porch, and we were able to listen to him....i've tried really hard to find him on project playlist, and on itunes, and I can't! He was awesome...he sang songs from Ray LaMontange, Coldplay, and some oldies. After we were done eating, we went to the porch and listened to him....Nichole ordered a martini (woo-hoo) and I got another glass of wine, while Walt moved on to his drink of We then left and went to 1740...a wine bar...we each had one glass of wine and then came home.
It really was a great time with Nichole. We were able to just talk, eat good food, and drink great wine. Walt and I can't wait for Nichole, Greg and Jack to visit next time! I definitely was sad to see her leave but I know that Nichole was ready to get home to her boys!! She missed little Jack Man so much! Stay tuned for Monday's post...THIS is the post I've been talking about for so long!

Just two sisters... with noses that look exactly alike!

If you look closely you can see Ben Kilgore playing. He was SOOOO good!
Nichole and Walt after dinner....sitting on the porch

Action shot! Nichole showing me a great pic...and I just had to get a taste of that wine!

Isn't he adorable?!?

Take One

Take Two and it's Perfect!! New Facebook Profile Picture!!

Vintage 1740...the greatest, cutest wine bar ever!

Nichole, checking on Jack and looking to see what type of wine she wanted to drink....such a multi-tasker!!

Had to show you the color of my toes from my pedicure...always thinking about you bloggers!

Just exhibiting proper wine must smell the wine and take it all in before they drink it. Hey...we are at a wine bar, aren't we??

Nichole and Walt engaged in a deep conversation. Loved it!

Too fast of a trip, but oh so glad she came to visit!!


BabyGraham said...

Awe!I love you and miss you already! I don't think I will be able to post until I get back but I am going to try before leaving today. :(

kinsey said...

so fun!

Poco said...

so cute.. the only thing missing was ME!!!!!!!!!!! Girls trip soon, PlEASE!