December 21, 2009

Wine Bar + a Pregnant Woman= Stares

It's Christmas time...which also means that I get two weeks off of work.
Walt and I started our Christmas break by going up to Dallas to spend a couple of days with Poco and Preston and I hosted a wedding shower.
The wedding shower was at Vino 100, obviously a wine bar, in Dallas.
Yes...I know I am almost 8 months pregnant....but the looks that I received while inside the wine bar were quite hilarious.
Everyone else at the shower could drink, clearly, I couldn't.
Let's see, maybe I should have asked everyone to change the location of the shower because I am pregnant....I think not.
Since I was hosting this shower, I helped my sister pick out some wines for everyone to drink. There was a table of older people (I'm talking like 65-70 year olds...I must give them props for getting out and going to a wine bar.) and while I was looking at wines with Poco they will very blatantly look me in the eyes, and then slowly take their eyes down to my stomach.
This didn't happen once, twice or even three happened from EVERYONE in their group.
I mean, WHO do they think they are?? I am NOT an idiot. Am I?
So, of course the manager of Vino 100 decided that he would bring me water in a wine glass, so they would continue to stare. It frustrated me, but it was also kinda funny at the same time. I am...8 months pregnant and drinking wine...I mean, SERIOUSLY?
After the shower we made our way to a non smoking bar called The MAT to meet up with Walt and some friends because the Cowboys were playing (and they won...that's right, take that Saints) and I made sure to put my huge purse over my belly so people wouldn't stare at me there.
I know this was slightly inappropriate to be in a bar, a NON SMOKING bar I might add, but all I was doing was going to meet my husband before he left for the night to go out with friends....this is harmless , right?
Well thank goodness my purse was big enough to cover my belly, because I had no inappropriate looks there....maybe because it was a bar, people were drinking, and the Cowboys had just beaten an undefeated team, so people just assumed I was fat?? or maybe they had been consuming a lot of alcohol....I'll go with the second option.
Now Walt and I are off to Daingerfield to spend a couple of days with his family for Christmas.
After Christmas it is back to Katy, where we will pretty much finish up our nursery (the bedding won't be here until January 4th) and I will be putting together maternity leave sub plans, because Eloise will be here before you know it!
It really is the most wonderful time of the year....even if you do get a couple of insulting stares 8 months pregnant at a wine bar.


Anonymous said...

The ironic thing is that most of those old women probably drank like fish when they were pregnant. Back then it was not known that you weren't suppose to drink.

I don't see anything wrong with going to a bar pregnant, as long as you are not swilling the booze.

momma said...

You looked beautiful...who cares if they were staring. Perhaps they were just envious of past times in their lives. It was so good to see both you and Walt. You and Poco did a great job with the shower! Have a wonderful time visiting with family in both Daingerfield and Mt.Pleasant. I will see you soon. Take good care of Ellie "B" for me!
Much love to All!!!!

kinsey said...

i went out a lot while pregnant! now that smoking isn't allowed in dallas bars, it's easy and great!