December 7, 2009

Woo Hoo!

Well....I am now in my 29th week of pregnancy..that means 7 months and 1 week down.
I went to the doctor today, and oddly enough, she gave me some good news.
My last appointment was November 17th...and at the appointment I had gained 19 pounds total. Well today, I went back, stood on that scale and sucked in as much as I could. Guess what? I'd only gained ONE POUND... one pound, heck yes.
So that means that total I have gained 20 pounds... 29 weeks and 20 pounds later...think I'm on the homestretch.
In other news... Walt and I have recently purchased a baby doll for Miss Gracie to get used to. At first, she was deadly afraid of the dog....she'd run away any time I brought her out, I'm not gonna lie, yes, I was worried. But now, after countless times of holding the baby, feeding her, (yes, she even burps) and rocking her on the couch, Miss Gracie will come and sit by me and Walt with the baby. She has never actually tried to get in the middle of us, which is good. I think Gracie is going to be a great big sister. She knows something is up, because she doesn't have near enough room now to lay on my belly.
My mom came this weekend to help me with the nursery. I don't want to post any pics until it is finally done, but let me tell you I. AM. EXCITED.
Now it's off to finish addressing those darn Christmas cards... don't you wish they could just address themselves?


The Zipser Family said...

You look great! You are almost there!!!!

kinsey said...

i'm the dummy that wrote them all out address labels. when will i learn?!

eloise will be here before you know it! yeah!

Stephanie said...

hi! i have been following along now for awhile... i am so excited for you! I, too, am pregnant, but I am 19 weeks... and you look SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME. So much. I know they say you show faster with your second baby but, seriously, I have gained 15 lbs... and I look as pregnant as you... So, I guess the point of my comment is to tell you that I am following along, and I am excited for you, and I wish that I looked as darn good as you!


Tiny Tuck's Adventures said...

You look so cute! I can't wait to pics of the nursery!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Meredith! You look great!

Elizabeth said...

you. look. fabulous. and don't worry about your sweet dog...our chihuahua has TOTALLY gotten used to JMS - was definitely skittish at first - but now they are buddies! the nurse did give my parents the nursery blanket that JMS was wrapped in right after he was born to take home and put in the doggie bed...I don't know if it helped - but we did it! :)

Lindsay said...

You do look great! I can't wait to see your sweet little girl! It truly is the best gift from God! You and Walt will be great parents!!