January 3, 2010

Sneak Peek.....

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Means

On New Year's Day, I had the honor to attend one of my dearest friend's wedding. Thomas and I grew up together and we have remained close throughout our lives. Thomas is hearing impaired and he married, Alexandria, who is also hearing impaired. To be able to experience this type of wedding, where there was so much love for one another and excitement to just get married was so refreshing! I loved being able to watch Thomas sign his vows to Alexandria and for her to be able to do the same. The wedding was by far one of the most loving and beautiful weddings I have ever been too. I am so glad that my very first day of 2010, was spent watching two people unite as one before God.

I was so excited to see Spencer and Poco!! We had a blast and I loved just being able to catch up with them. Next time I see these two....little Eloise will be here!!

Me and Walt at the reception. This is the dress that I am going to wear to my shower in Daingerfield...I was just too excited and had to wear it to this wedding as well!

LOVE my sister!! So incredibly thankful for her friendship!

I decided that I would give you all a little sneak peek of the nursery. It is not complete yet. We are still waiting on the bedding (should be here by then end of this week!) ,the curtains are not done yet, and I have something that still has to be hung on the wall. I am sure that I will go through and change something.....I just know it.

I love this saying on the wall, because this is where I am going to read stories to Eloise every night.

her changing table....there will be something on the wall to the left of this...it just hasn't been completed yet.

The sweet piggy bank that Lalee and Pops got Eloise!

Her name is hanging above her crib, but since I don't have the bedding yet, I didn't want to share the whole thing with you. :)

This print was hanging in Walt's room when he was born. Walt's grandmother bought it for his room. I fell in love with it. So, I decided to re-mat it and frame it...and it matches perfectly.
I love that I was able to use all of my Beatrix Potter stuff from when I was a little girl.

Once the bedding is here and the curtains are up, I promise I will post more!! Only 50 days until our due date...not that I'm counting or anything!!


The Zipser Family said...

Love the nursery pics! You look great, just adorable. She will be here before you know it!

Mt. Marcy said...

The nursery is beautiful. Beatrix Potter is my fave!

Anonymous said...

So precious! I LOVE Fancy Nancy!

Rathi said...

Love it! The nursery is soo cute, can't wait to see E's bedding! That is what we are working on as well, one of my friends sister's is making it for us! Can't wait to see more pics! Happy Tuesday!