March 3, 2010

Baby Love....

I'm in love
My husband said it correctly...this is the first thing that I have loved unconditionally from the moment I found out about her.
Of course I love my husband unconditionally, but I had to learn to love him.... :)

love the way she uses her hands

her piggy toes

those naked rolls

that nose and yawn

her eyes wandering around


The Langner's said...

Simply Perfect!!!

Heather Patterson said...

She's a BEAUTY & we have the SAME swing and LOVED it!! Isn't being a Mommy the BEST thing EVER!

Brian and Kelly said...

She is SO adorable!! How sweet and precious!

Momma said...

You got a SWING! She looks precious in it. I can't believe how much Ellie B has grown in just a few days! Can't wait for you to come for the wedding. Maybe this baby bed will get some use! Love to all!