March 16, 2010

Can you say perfect?

This was my sweet baby last week...just sleeping in her crib, doing what she was supposed to do. HOWEVER, after this weekend...getting spoiled by her aunt and her Gambi and all her other fans...she has decided that she no longer wants to sleep in her crib and wants to be held by no one other than yours truly. This has been a struggle for me and Walt. The second we put her down in her crib, she throws a fit. After letting her cry for just a little while, stinker is all quite and happy the second we pick her back up! Thankfully she slept in her crib last night from 9-10 and then again from 4-7:30.

On Thursday Eloise and I had some wonderful visitors. T-Rye and Natalie came to visit!! They were in town going to the Houston rodeo and they made a special trip out to Katy just to see Eloise! It was so great to catch up with them!! Natalie and I had a great time watching Travis hold Eloise...when they decide to have children, they will be the most amazing parents!! Thank you guys for coming, we appreciate it more than you know!

So...we left on Friday for Dallas. Eloise and I got in the car around 3:15...went and got gas, picked up Dad and we were on the road. Maybe it was spring break...I'm not sure...but we got to Dallas at 9:30! 9:30!!! 6 hours in the car for little bit...and she cried for MAYBE 10 minutes. SERIOUSLY?!?! I couldn't believe it! She was amazing! Walt and I were too afraid to voice how amazing she was, because we didn't want to be jinxed for the wedding on Saturday. So Saturday morning Walt had another arrangement that he had to go to. Mom (Gambi) and I went to the mall so mom could go shopping for some new shoes and mascara. How was Eloise you ask? That's right...perfect. Didn't make one peep! Oh could we get so lucky? Saturday afternoon was spent with Eloise and daddy just laying you see here:

Around 4:00 we started getting ready for the wedding. Eloise was beautiful! She wore one of her Feltman Brother's dresses, and then she had to tie in the wedding colors of the bride: Brown and Green. She had a brown and green headband and brown and green shoes. She was adorable. I know it is wrong for a guest to wear white to a wedding, but I figured that it would be ok for Miss Eloise to do that. Here she is looking at me like, "What are you making me wear mom?"

Eloise slept through the entire wedding. We then left and headed to the reception at the Adolphus. Once we got there it was time for her to Gambi so graciously asked if she could feed her. Look at how HOT Gambi looks? For real...this lady is a grandmother to 3? NO WAY!

Since Aunt Poco was in the wedding she really hadn't seen Eloise yet....but once Poco got to the reception she went into Proud Aunt Mode! Walt and I were so thankful because we were able to converse with friends, dance and have a great time. Aunt Poco took a hold of Eloise and showed her off to everyone! Thank you Poco for taking such good care of her!! Eloise didn't make one peep...she loved being in Aunt Poco's arms!!

Had to get a picture of her precious shoes!

Here we are with little bit...I promise she didn't sleep the entire time!!

Lauren loved holding Eloise!!
Oh goodness...Eloise was so excited to meet Lindsay!!

I was so glad to be able to let loose again! Weddings are always so fun...and they are even more fun when your family is there to join in with you!!

Walt was super happy!! We didn't leave the reception until 1:00 a.m.!! (technically 2 a.m. because of Spring Forward) and guess who stayed the WHOLE TIME?? Daddy's little girl!! SHe slept wonderfully when we got home that night!!

The ride home was as much success as the ride up there! We had to stop once because Eloise had a blow out...but other than that, she was quite the whole time. This was so reassuring as Walt and I are travelers and we were hoping to have a little traveler as well! Let's hope that Easter weekend is just as wonderful! Now...any ideas as to how I can get this girl to continue sleeping in her crib??!!


The Zipser Family said...

Great Pictures! She is adorable and you and your Mom and Poco look awesome too. I can't believe she is that easy-going of a baby, you are super lucky :) I am so happy for you.

AshleighWilson said...

Meredith, I sent you a message on your facebook about how we got Colton to sleep in his crib. I said it there too, but Eloise is a beauty!!!

Heather Patterson said...

Tucker has been traveling with us since day one... because like ya'll, we are NEVER still and travel everywhere!!! He's always been a great traveler and I believe it's because we started him out so early.... so way to gooooo! :)

BabyGraham said...

She is cute M! Love the outfit! I wish we could get pics of them together! You all look like you had fun together! I am jealous we are so far away!

Joe, Jenn, and Nathan said...

Ferberize Eloise! We had to do that with Nathan because he wouldn't take naps...just an idea.