March 10, 2010

Road Trip!!

We're making our very first road trip this weekend with Eloise. Wish us luck! We will be traveling to the Big D for a wedding. Eloise is so excited...she can't wait to see this face:

The reason for the trip...this little girl is getting MARRIED!! great grand little!!

But, I must admit, I am just as excited to see this thang: My BFF!!

She'll kill me for the picture, but oh well! Eloise has told me how excited she is to see Aunt Poco...Poco made sure she was her for Eloise's birth, then she stayed longer just so she could see her once she came home from the NICU and she even made ANOTHER trip up here the first weekend to see Eloise and to relieve me and Walt and let us sleep. What a fabulous sister and aunt!!
I've been packing for this trip since Tuesday!! Who knew that Eloise needed so many outfit changes?!? I can't wait...we are going to have fun at the wedding and the reception will be a blast....I might even enjoy a glass of wine or two! :)
Let's pray Eloise does just fine...since we switched to formula, she's been a little bit more fussy than normal, only because she is trying to get something out of her system and it's hard for her to do that! Hopefully she will have made a breakthrough by Saturday. Stay know there will be tons of pics!


kinsey said...

hank went to his first wedding at 3 weeks old too! he did great and i know eloise will too. i hope her tummy feels better soon. enjoy your WINE!!!