March 20, 2010

One Month

Eloise turned one month old yesterday! Hard to believe that a month ago I was still pregnant, feeling miserable and ready for this baby to get here. Now I feel SOOO much better, and I can't imagine my life without her! Gambi brought Eloise a HUGE frog and we have been taking weekly and monthly pictures of her to see how much she has, these aren't the BEST pictures....but I can tell she is growing everyday!


poco said...

cute pictures!!! poor Gracie already replaced on the header!! :( let her
know we still
love her! haha

BabyGraham said...

Sooo cute! Poco reminds me I need a facelift on my blog :) When you have time bc I know you are busy being the best Mommy! I love her please kiss her for me!