March 21, 2010

Eloise meets some more of her family.....

It's been spring break week here in the Bass household...which means visitors...because I married into a family of teachers. This also meant for me some much needed girl time. Lalee and Uncle Tucker came in on Wednesday. This was Uncle Tucker's first time to meet his niece Eloise. What fun Walt and I had watching Tucker with her. He had some pretty funny questions as well:
"Hey Mer...can she crawl yet?"
"Have you started teaching her how to talk?"
"Well...can she at least play peek a boo?"
I think Tucker was shocked that pretty much all Eloise does is sleep, eat, poop, and cry. He was great with her though. He held her with two hands, and was very gentle. We had fun laughing at her funny faces and he even gave her some loving. Tucker was Eloise's first Uncle to meet and she had so much fun with him. Lalee helped me out greatly. She let me go out with one of my girlfriends on Thursday and she watched Eloise. We went to lunch, went shopping, got pedicures, and then we even met up with 3 of my teacher friends and had happy hour. It was great! Of course I missed my precious baby....but, getting out of the house and doing something for me was good too! It reminded me how much I miss my girls from work...and then of course I was reminded that I go back to work in 2 and a half weeks, and I started to get just a wee bit sad....only because who wouldn't want to see Eloise's face every second of every day?

Here's Uncle Tuck with his niece

All smiles from Uncle Tuck and Lalee

Such a great Uncle...he holds her better than her own daddy!!

Laughing at one of her many crazy faces!!

Lalee and Uncle Tucker left on Friday. But...Walt and I weren't alone for long because Uncle Spencer and Aunt Lauren came in town from Boerne. We were very excited to see them as well! (Because Eloise was in the NICU none of our family was able to see this is why the delay in seeing her family members.) Uncle Spencer and Aunt Lauren showed up around 10:30 on Friday night. Of course Eloise decided to stay awake for them and we hung out until around 1 in the a.m. The next morning we woke up to horrible weather. I had planned for us to go to the Arboretum and have a picnic, BUT that was all changed. A horrible cold front came through on the first day of spring, but thankfully Spencer and Lauren and VERY laid back and they were just fine hanging out around the house.

Eloise started off her morning with story time from Uncle Spencer. She was VERY much into it!!

After kolaches at the house, and some much needed baby time we decided to venture out to Houston and go eat at the Yardhouse. Great food and great atmosphere...we were able to watch some of the NCAA games and the guys tried out some different beers. This was Eloise when we got to the restaurant:

Here are Uncle Spencer and Aunt Lauren! We had so much fun just hanging out with them!!

Momma and Daddy enjoying some great company

and this was Eloise when we left!

After lunch we came back home to watch our Baylor Bears play Old Dominon. Spencer and Lauren HAD to root for the Bears since their Longhorns lost in the first round! (love rubbing that in) Of course our Bears made us proud and we had a couple celebratory drinks in honor of the win! Now Walt and I have already purchased tickets to watch Baylor play on Friday since they made it to the sweet 16!! This is one of the reasons why we were thankful for living in Houston!
After the game, we ventured out yet again to eat at our favorite bbq restaurant, Swinging Door. Spencer and Lauren liked it as well...and our waitress even offered us free food for a year if she could take Eloise home with her! Our sweet baby slept the whole time and she didn't make a peep!
On Sunday morning Eloise spent her time hanging out with Aunt Lauren

clearly she loves her!

After some loving we all decided to go eat at Pot Belly's. Spencer and Lauren left from there and we were all sad to see them leave. We truly appreciate them coming! We love y'all! After their departure we ran some errands to Sam's and then to HEB. Think Walt and I are getting the hang of going out in public with Eloise! Then it was back home to watch Up in the Air and to get ready for another work week.
Walt and I are so excited for the Baylor Bears and we can't wait to see family that is coming in this weekend! Eloise gets to see Aunt Poco AGAIN....Poco has done a fabulous job of spoiling our little girl! She's seen her almost every single weekend since she has been born!! And she will meet Uncle Preston and Aunt Ashley for the first time.

Just had to snap this picture during our movie time together....there are no words!