March 29, 2010

What a weekend

What a weekend we had in the Bass household! Walt and I are so extremely thankful for all of our family and friends that always take time out of their busy schedules to make time for us! Friday night started off with Walt and myself going to the Baylor game. Baylor made it to the sweet 16 and we had tickets. Walt and I decided that it would be best to leave this little beauty here:

at home. She stayed at the house with all my co-workers.
I mean seriously? Who else can say that they work with a group of girls that would be willing to give up their Friday night, so that their co-worker can go to a basketball game with her husband? I am so blessed. They hung out with Miss Eloise, ordered chinese food and watched The Blind Side. When Walt and I got home on Friday night, Miss Eloise was sound asleep, and spoiled rotten! So thankful for my friends! Oh? What's that you ask?? How did Baylor do? Here was the score from Friday night's game:

so of course we advanced to the Elite 8! WAHOO! GO Baylor!! I am so proud to be a BEAR!!

Friday night when we got home, Uncle Preston came with us. This was his first time to meet his niece because remember she was in the NICU. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of him with her... I will have to make up for that this weekend when we go home for Easter!
On Saturday, Walt and a bunch of his guy friends went to the St. Arnold's Brewery here in Houston. After the brewery, they all came over to the house to meet Miss Eloise. I was shocked at how well all these guys were with her! Either they are really great with kids... or I have a little heartbreaker on my hands...
Here's Ryan with her

Look at Eloise just staring up at him

Good Ole' Patty B...he was a natural!

"Uncle" Matt and Miss Eloise!

Loved Tyler with her! He was so cute...I've never met a guy that wanted to see all her clothes in her closet!!

Saturday night was a blast! Daddy stayed him with Eloise (for the first time!) and let Mommy go out and have fun with her girls! This was so fun! Poco came in on Thursday night, and she went out with me on Saturday night! I felt special...she did my makeup and let me wear her clothes...I had the best time just getting ready with her! It's been so long since I have gone out, I forgot how much fun I always have just being with Poco while we get ready! Thank you Poco for driving all the way in to go to the game, hanging out with Eloise and then letting me have so much fun! Love you more than you know! (Now... don't look at how tan she is, and how pale I am!)
The night started off, by Poco and I going over to Sarah's house. We had appetizers and drank some wine... Sarah is quite the hostess!
Here's me and Miss Sarah

And here I am with Sarah and my girls

We then went to a cute little wine bar and ordered some wine and cheese. It was fun to sit out on the patio with my girls and just gossip! Here I am with my fabulous partner Emily. I LOVE my job so much...but she makes it even better!!

On Sunday, we packed up everything and headed out to the Baylor vs. Duke game. We arrived at Reliant Stadium 2 hours before the game so we could tailgate. I've never seen so many Baylor fans!! It was awesome! Baylor played a great game and it was neck and neck the entire time! Too bad the outcome wasn't what we wanted...but hey... we were ranked 10th in the Big 12. at the beginning of the season... and we ended up going to the Elite 8..I think Baylor proved everyone wrong!
Here are some pics from the game...Walt used the Baby Bjorn to carry Eloise in:

Me and my Baylor Cheerleader...Eloise's FIRST Baylor GAME!! and MANY more to come!!

The score at halftime

Sweet Eloise...she did so great the entire game! She ate, slept and then stayed awake the entire second half! The noise didn't bother her at all!
Family PIC!

"Aunt" Sue finally got to meet Miss Eloise! We were SOOO excited to see her!

Me with my FAVORITE Baylor fan! LOVE going to all the games with "Aunt" Sue and "Uncle" Matt!

Whew! What a weekend!! We had so much fun and are reminded on a daily basis how lucky we are. Very excited about the weekend ahead! Easter in Daingerfield! We'll be going home on Thursday, then on Friday we will get to see Nana and Poppy (first time for them to meet Miss Eloise) and Aunt Poco (4th weekend for her to see her niece...hmm..that's one amazing AUNT!) Saturday will be spent at two Easter egg hunts, and then church and lunch on Sunday! Think I might have a ton more pics to post!!


Poco said...

can I babysit Thursday!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun with yall and looovee going out with you and singing a ODD version of Ray Lamontagne.. ;) You guys are such amazing parents and can balance having a baby, going to games, hundreds of vistors, and still shower sweet Eloise (and gracie) with soo much love.. Can't wait to see yall AGAIN and AGAIN!! I LOVE YOU!

Ashley Bass said...

it was good to see y'all and finally meeting Miss E.

kinsey said...

we were at the game sunday too! poor bears :-( did you have to buy eloise a ticket? we heard we would have had to have a ticket for hank (and ours were 70 bucks!) so we left him with family in houston and then went back and got him. sure wish he could have come with us though!

The Bass Family said...

Hey kins...we didn't have to pay for Eloise. Walt asked on Friday if we would have to pay for her...they said that 2 and under were free. Hopefully this applies to Baylor games for next season as well!! :)

kinsey said...

oh i'm so bummed we didn't take him then!! oh well, next time :-) yes, at the ferrell center they are free, but for some reason we heard reliant was charging for babies...ugh.