March 29, 2010

But what about......


2 post in one day...this doesn't mean that Eloise has slept all day...just the opposite...BUT for the 15 minutes that she closed her eyes, I wrote two post!!

Everyone has asked me...but what about Gracie?
Gracie has been WONDERFUL.....beyond wonderful actually. She is the best Big Sister. She is so sweet... when I get up in the middle of the night to feed her, she actually gets up off the bed and goes out into the living room with me, and sits with me while I feed Eloise.

Gracie kisses Eloise all the time...not once has she ever tried to scratch her, or hurt her.

Gracie is very protective. If someone picks up Eloise that Gracie isn't quite sure about, you best believe that she is right there letting that person know that she does NOT approve.

When Eloise cries...Gracie runs right over to her to see what is wrong.

Anytime I go into Eloise's room to change her...Gracie follows and just sits on the floor and waits for us to do our thing. I love this time because I talk to Eloise and Gracie.

If Eloise takes a nap in her crib during the day, Gracie goes in her room and sits beside her crib.

Gracie watches over Eloise when she is in the playpen on the floor. She wants to make sure that no one is going to do anything to hurt her.

Gracie still gets tons of attention. Daddy sings to her, she still sleeps in our bed (on my side), she gets a lot more treats than normal, and when we go for walks, we make sure that she is leading us.

When people come over to our house, they always give her attention...she has been around more people in the past couple of weeks than her entire life...she thinks everyone is here for her.

Miss Gracie is doing wonderfully....and yes, she is still our first baby.

Momma and Daddy LOVE YOU, Miss Gracie!