April 16, 2010

Parenthood...A Walk in the Park

First off...I think I win the award for the child with the largest eyes. Her eyes are SO large...just one of the many things I love about her.

Last weekend Walt and I went to Memorial park and took Miss Eloise for a walk. Eloise is obsessed with her Baby Bjorn...obsessed! She loves to just look at all of her surroundings. The second I get home from school, she is in the Bjorn...and this makes her so happy. I can unload groceries, fold laundry, pretty much do anything and she is right there doing it with me and is so content. Walt and I didn't get to bring Gracie to the park only because we went out to eat with our friend, Brett, afterwards. We really missed Gracie on our walk, but we made sure to take her walking this week to make up for it.
Things have been going well around the Bass household. Eloise is very much into a routine. She is going to bed around 8 and sleeping until 2 or 2:30. We then wake her up at 6 to feed her and get her dressed for the day. She's been doing great at school as well and so has mom! Walt's been extremely busy with work, but we are so very proud of him. We can't wait for Miss Eloise's Sip and See next weekend in Daingerfield! And..get ready for a 2 month post...she's grown so much over the last month!!

Me and Miss Eloise at the park, going for our walk

We had to stop and take a lunch break for little Eloise

Walt, Brett, Bailey and Eloise enjoying the scenery

After our nice little walk..clearly Eloise is pondering on what all she saw

We obviously need to go buy a hat...it was a little hot out..for heaven's sake...we do live in Houston!

On the car ride home I was talking to Eloise about all the things we are going to do during the summer...she was listening very closely!

Pooped after a long day at the park...ready for my dinner!


BabyGraham said...

She is a doll!

The Marlows said...

she is absolutely positively adorable!