April 10, 2010

Look Closely..

Walt and I have decided that when Eloise wakes up at 4 for her morning feeding, it could become our little ritual for her to come and lay in the bed with us for an hour before we get ready for work. I don't see any harm in this....she sleeps in her crib from 8:30-4:00...she can sleep with her momma and daddy for one hour. Look closely....what do you see in this picture?

Look at Miss Gracie being so protective of her sister

Oh there it is...it's Eloise!

She's sleeping so peacefully with her daddy...and look.at.those.cheeks!!

What have I gotten myself into? Two sleeping beauties :)

They love it!

Snug as a bug in a rug!

pouty little lips!

This makes for one happy baby before going to school! Here are momma and Eloise before both of us headed off to school on Friday! AND for those of you wondering..Eloise LOVES school...and momma LOVES being back too! We're happy all around.....

Can't you tell??!!


Jenette said...

What a cutie!! She has grown so much since I saw her last!! Welcome back Meredith!! We all missed you:)!

BabyGraham said...

So cute! We do the same thing. :) She is a doll and I am glad you enjoy being back!