June 7, 2010

First weekend of Summer!!

I started off my first day of summer break by calling my younger sister at 6:50 and leaving her a voice mail, just rubbing it into her face, that I still have summers. I might get paid a little less, but I still have summers. I then got off the phone, and called my mother. I asked her what she was doing, her response: Working. "Oh," I said...."I thought everyone got a summer break?" Needless to say, I think they might be a little teeny tiny bit jealous.
Actually, I am wrong, I started my first day of summer break off by getting up at 5:45 and running. Why so early? Oh because my husband leaves for work at 6:30, so I have to be finished working out by the time he leaves....but, I try to tell myself that it's not a big deal because I am doing something to make myself feel better, right?

This past weekend was the first weekend Walt and I have spent at home in 6 weeks....it was a much needed break away from the hustle and bustle of our lives. It was perfect. Me. Walt. Eloise. Gracie. Jack. Jack? Who's Jack? Jack is one of my friend's dogs. We have been dogsitting since Wednesday. Jack is a cocker spaniel. He has been fine, and it has actually been fun to watch Gracie around Jack. Before Eloise was born, Walt and I worried about how Gracie would react to her....I now wonder why did I ever worry? Gracie is the ultimate big sister. It's so funny, yet sweet to watch. She does not ever attack, but she has let Jack know that he better not mess with Eloise. If Jack steps into Eloise's room....Gracie is there, showing her teeth. She means business. If Jack jumps up on the couch to smell Eloise, Gracie gets there first....She will not have Jack sniffing around on her little sister. Other than Eloise, Gracie minds her own business with Jack. She doesn't bother him....but if he starts to get curious about Eloise, oh goodness, Gracie is there to let him know that he better just rethink his curiosity. I love it.

Saturday was spent at the pool. After Walt mowed the lawn, we then headed out to Cinco Ranch waterpark. We invited our friends the Preglers to come with us. They have a precious girl, Payten, that is 5, and a sweet little boy, Braden, that is 1. Eloise hung in with all of them. We got out there at 11 and didn't come home until 2:30. She took her noon nap on my shoulder...but the rest of the time was spent in the pool. Thank goodness we have a water baby. Praise the Lord for that one.
Saturday evening the Bass Family went to a little wine bar called, The Wine Next Door. Walt and I ordered a bottle of Malbec, and a cheese plate. We sat out on the patio and just talked about the past 8 years together. Cheesy, I know...but over the past 8 years, Walt and I have done some incredible things together....and we are so blessed. It was a great time to just reflect on our past, and be thankful for the life that God has given us. Eloise of course was pooped out from the pool, so she slept most of the time. We then came back home, grilled out, and watched Invictus.

daddy and eloise

i absolutely love it when she falls asleep on me.

the dads, just talking about work.

eloise is bored with the whole work talk

wine and cheese

walter likes it

tired baby...i'm stealing a kiss


candid shot

Sunday was low key as well. We had every intention of going to church, but that didn't happen. Eloise had different plans. She was a little cranky Sunday morning, and cried for about an hour...this was of course, the hour that mommy was supposed to be getting ready for church...but Eloise couldn't contain herself. I'm talking sobbing....gasping for air...I know what it was from and she finally "let it all out." ha! So...we decided that after the crying fit was over...we would run our errands. After all the errands were run, we took it easy. We boiled shrimp and crab, and took a nice little walk around the neighborhood.

eloise and i were talking about the baylor bears...this makes her happy

she was trying to do the sic'em....

how can you not love that button?


already a bear

just shopping a target

time for a nap...eloise, thinks otherwise.

sleeping while mommy and daddy eat.
Back to what I was saying about Gracie. Here is a perfect example. Eloise is playing on the floor...Jack walks over...look at Gracie... she is telling him, "don't you even think about it buster."

Eloise is in the swing, right behind me....Gracie stepped in front of Jack, letting him know that he could get no where near Eloise.

eloise loves that gracie is so protective.

Here are two videos. One is how Eloise LOVES the t.v. She is obsessed. She would watch t.v. all day, but don't worry, I make sure we do other stimulating activities. The other is how Eloise acts when it is time for a nap. She will NOT sleep in her crib with me. She falls asleep just fine at the sitters house during the day, but with me, she wants nothing of it.... so...I put her in her swing, and she just sits there content. She of course eventually falls asleep, but this is like an hour after swinging back and forth. Gotta love it!


Graham said...

She is precious! XOXOXO

Poco said...

You made me GRUMPY this morning.. RUB IT IN! :(

Yelda said...

Meredith she is adorable. couldn't see the video i will check back later :o)

The Zipser Family said...

she is so stinkin cute!! Love her sweet cheeks

JoDee Hale said...

Meredith your videos are so funny! I swear, all babies must love the TV! Mine will crane his neck all the way around to see it... and I have a friend who has to turn her TV off in order for her daughter to eat! Haha!