June 14, 2010

Lake Brownwood

relaxing weekend for sure. walt and i were asked to go to the lake and spend the weekend with our wonderful friends Madison and Lauren Napier. we thought they were crazy at first....who would ask us to come....with a baby? but, after walt called to make sure that they didn't need us to get a babysitter...we packed up our stuff, dog included, and headed out to the lake. they have a beautiful lakehouse and we had the best time. eloise must have really enjoyed the lake. she slept from 8:45-6:30 on saturday night and then she slept last night from 9-7. the last time eloise went without a nighttime feeding was april 25th. maybe...maybe...maybe...we've turned a corner!!

madison and eloise on saturday morning after breakfast.

molly and treva going to get the stick thrown in the lake

wonderful sun deck

on the boat

eloise loved the breeze
bass family photo op...eloise is getting sleepy
sleepy girl
daddy and eloise on the sun deck after her morning nap...she's curious as to what her daddy is drinking

lake time!!

Gracie's "On a Boat"

hard life

harris and walt....lounging in their floaties

i was always told....but i never knew you could love someone so much.

momma and eloise loved the hammock


enjoying the day

how great is our God?

gracie loves the wind

wind blown beauty

baby cake's toes

having a great saturday afternoon


lauren and her babies

madison and walt taking the jet skis out for a spin


loves her dolly

eloise and gracie's first lake trip 2010

happy baby

trip home...eloise loves her giraffe, Miss Sophia.
what a fabulous weekend! we love summer!


Poco said...

The one with her hand in her mouth I might need that one framed! PRECIOUS! looks like the 4 of yall had a blast! Miss you

Yelda said...

great pics!! especially the family pic!

Graham said...

So cute! Love her!