July 6, 2010


if you are one of those people who hates reading mushy gushy post...just go ahead and type facebook into your browser, or click on one of the blogs on my sidebar that i read. in other words, stop reading my post now...because this one is going to be mushy. i'm talking the gushiest of the gushiest with a big fat red cherry on top. so, if you don't think your stomach can handle it, or if you think you just can't fathom reading how wonderful some girl's husband is...then i'm telling you now...move on to something else. because this post is going to talk all about my husband and how wonderful he is and how lucky i am. don't say i didn't warn you.

this past week eloise, gracie and myself had the pleasure of spending an entire week with daddy. now, walt hasn't taken any time off since eloise was born...i'm talking we were induced so that he could take friday off and be back at work by monday. he is a man dedicated to his work.
i knew this before i married him. i always knew that i would come first, but work would be extremely important and come in at a very close second. very close.
so imagine my pure excitement when i was told that walt was going to take a week off and just hang out with his girls. what?!! a WEEK? i was giddy...like taken right back to when he first asked me out giddy....so excited to spend a week with my baby's daddy.
i've seen walt with eloise obviously...he's her dad, and he loves her...but there are little moments that i sometimes take for granted because i wasn't always there to capture that moment.
like how woke up (on his vacation) because he knew i needed sleep and fed her in the middle of the night. but it wasn't that...it was what he would say to her as he was changing her in the middle of the night. i sat and listened to him on the monitor. "Hey princess. Oh I love you so much. you're daddy's angel." You know, just little things like that....he wasn't thinking about the fact that he was getting up in the middle of the night, losing sleep. he was talking to his sweet baby girl in the sweetest voice...ever.
How he would walk in when she woke up in the morning and her face just lit up all over the place because she recognized her daddy. Gosh...i've always been crazy about walt...but this week just reaffirmed it like a million times over.
how did I, a small town girl, with small town dreams...get sooooo lucky? (told you it would be mushy)
here's this man that not only provides for his family, he loves us unconditionally, takes time out for us, does so many things around the house (irons, always takes out the trash, cleans up if I cook, does laundry, takes care of every single bill...and much more. i must say thank you to his momma for that one. you raised a good man, lalee!!) and comes home from a hard day of work and wants to spend time with his family.
i've always known that walt was a rare find...but this week just solidified it more.
we spent time together, put away electronics (for a short while..haha), watched movies, went on a date, played with our daughter, shared household chores, were a family of 4 with no worries, and i loved every single second.
i was sad this morning when he got up to go to work.
i tell you often walt, but i don't tell you often enough....thank you for being the father and husband that you are. you.are.the.best.
we love you! and we KNOW how lucky we are to have you as a daddy, husband and best friend.
(ok...mushy gushiness over now!)

unfortunately i didn't take too many pictures during the 4th of july. we were having so much fun, i didn't pick up my camera!
we spent the 4th of july with our wonderful friends corey and ashleigh.
ashleigh just moved down to houston from dallas so thank goodness we can now spend more time together!
we went swimming and then afterwards, we went to dinner, and headed out to the woodlands pavillion so we could watch the fireworks show. eloise slept through the entire thing...except she woke up for the finale...and it was absolutely priceless to see her face. she was so mesmerized by the fireworks...i wish i captured it on camera.
eloise did great! we got home around 11 and she slept until 10:30 on MONDAY! tired girl!!
she is rolling over all the time now and is extremely vocal.
i hope that everyone's 4th was as great as ours!

yesterday walt and i hung out at home and we fixed some yummy food, so i had to post about it. we had saucy catfish

and homemade chocolate pecan cobbler with homemade caramel whip cream and clearly we didn't care about the calories

then eloise helped her daddy answer some work emails

and then it was dinner time for her...and time for bed!


The Paradis Family said...

I LOVE IT!!! I think it's wonderful to see a beautiful family who loves each other so much!! This is exactly how it should be. Happy summer Meredith! :-)

Marci said...

I know what you mean, Meredith! It just melts my heart a million times over to see Bryan with Margo and the sweetness between them. We're such blessed girls!

p.s. we have the same high chair and I can't wait for Margo to use it!