August 22, 2010

Family Fun

The Bass family has been busy....but when are we ever NOT busy? Last weekend we went to Daingerfield to visit Walt's family. Walt's grandmother had been ill, so we made a special trip home to see her...and it just so happened that his uncle was in town from Delaware, so we felt very lucky to be able to see everyone!

Here are the girls....just partying in their crib

Pops hates the fact that Eloise always wears bows. Eloise doesn't seem to be too bothered by it.

So Pops decided that if Eloise had to wear a bow...he would do the same.
I'm talking here we were feeding Eloise her fruits when all of a sudden Pops walked into the room, sat down and didn't say one word.
Classic Walter

Not quite sure what to think about those apples
Eloise loves her Lalee...and the feeling is mutual

See..Eloise doesn't like the fact that the attention is not ALL on her.
Eloise: "Pops, give that to me."

I'm supposed to be wearing a bow, not you....

I'm taking it off...

I don't like this!! Take off your bow!!

Fine! I'll look at the camera, but I'm not going to smile with you, Pops!!

Eloise and I had a very low key weekend. Daddy on the other hand, was put to work. He had to help Tucker and Uncle Steve stain a fence in their pasture...while Pops decided he would supervise.
Here is Eloise taking a much needed nap in one of her favorite places.

The boys out back painting the fence

Walt's parents recently built a log cabin on their property for Grandma to live in. She just moved in several weeks is beautiful and perfect.

The supervisor

Eloise had a great time playing around with Uncle Tucker...she LOVES him

How could you not be in love with those precious eyes???

On Thursday we celebrated Eloise's 6 month birthday!
I can't believe it has been a half of a year!
This was little Eloise posing before we were dropped off at Miss Jasmin's.

Here she is at her doctor's appointment. Everything was great....hardly even cried when she had her three shots.
Here are her stats:
Weight: 15.5 pounds 25-50%
Height: 27 inches 90%

What it's my half birthday?

No way?! You have to be kidding!!

Yay! In 6 months, I'll be eating cake!!

At 6 months you:
You usually go down around 7:30 and wake up anywhere from 6-7 in the morning
You drink 7 oz. every 5 hours
You eat a fruit during lunch time
and two things of veggies at night
The only thing you haven't liked that we have given you is peas.
You are obsessed with all things orange (sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches...)
You LOVE Miss Sophia (greatest toy ever)

You finally understand what the Johnny Jump Up is for and you LOVE it!! YOu also understand the exersaucer and you spend a lot of time in it!
You are happy ALL the hardly ever cry!
You laugh and squeal at every thing
You don't ever meet a stranger!

This past weekend we ventured to Boerne with our friends Brett, Sarah and Nate to go and float the river with my family. We figured we needed one last HOORAH before summer was officially over.
We had so much fun we hardly took pics! Eloise went with us on the river...
hahah JUST KIDDING! She actually stayed with Spencer's boss and she was so great! First time that we had ever dropped her off with someone that we didn't know and the report was awesome!
We woke up early Saturday morning, went to breakfast, then spent the rest of the day floating the river...I must say it was relaxing, fun and exactly what we needed.
Loved spending the past two weekends with family.

Sarah and I before we floated the makeup...all natural..haha

Eloise fell asleep ON Brett...he's a natural..and she loves him

After the river on Saturday, Poco and Spencer spent some time with Eloise feeding her...
did I mention we had 9 people, 5 dogs and 1 baby all in ONE house...
as my brother said..
sounds like a recipe for a party!

Sunday morning we all woke up and went to eat breakfast at a fun German was great food, and a wonderful ending to a fabulous weekend

Walt speaking Spanish to Eloise...
He was telling her all about Miss Sophia the giraffe

Yay! I LOVE Uncle Spencer..he's the BEST!

Momma with her babies

Ellie Bellie with her fav

Eloise loves Poco as much as she does

All the girls

Eloise with Aunt Poco and Uncle Brett

She's always sooo happy around Uncle Spencer

Ew...horrible of me...but I love those two in the pic

The WHOLE gang!!
Float trip 2010
(maybe next year, we'll put E in a lifejacket?)


Rathi said...

Happy half birthday to Miss E! K's is coming up next Sunday.. i can't believe the girls are only like two weeks apart.. We'll have to start planning birthdays soon! I love E's flower bows.. where did you get them? Have a great week and good luck with the school year!

Graham said...

Umm you kind of made it seem like I don't exist in your Momma with her babies and the whole gang and I love these 2 more than anything comments.Feeling a little hurt but loving the new pics of Sweet Eloise! X0X0 Don't forget you have a sister in NC that loves you very much!