September 5, 2010

Eloise LOVES her Bears

WOW. With school starting up, things have been busy in our household. Every school year things are busy, busy, busy....but now that we have Eloise...our nightly routine, is just a little bit different...a little bit less self centered...and exactly the way we want it. Not that too many people want to be "caught up" with the Bass life...but oh well...I'm going to catch you up anyway.

Here is Eloise on the first day of school.
Clearly she was just as tired as I her "summer" routine, was completely
messed up on that early August morning.
Eloise is saying, "Happy First Day of School!"

School was fine. My kids and I have adjusted...but yes, I will admit...there has not been a day where I haven't cried when I've dropped Eloise off. I NEVER thought I would be that mother that cries when they have to leave their child...but how can you not cry, when you have something as wonderful as my sweet baby?
So last weekend we just chilled. I put Eloise down for her mid morning nap and walked into her room and this is what I saw:
Precious little hiney all up in the air.

Sunday morning we got up around 6:30, our new morning routine, went for a nice jog, and then Eloise hung out in her Excersaucer for awhile. This has quite possibly been the best gift that anyone has given us. So thank you, Great B.
There should be a video of her down at the bottom "going to town" in her exersaucer.
She LOVES it

After Eloise worked out for a little bit, it was time for daddy-daughter time before we got ready for church.

When took Eloise to the nursery for the first time last Sunday. Yes, we have been to church since she was born, but we almost always go home. At the church in Daingerfield there is a "cry room", so she really is never separated from us. We checked her, and specifically told the nursery workers that they would have "no problem with her." I remember I said, "She doesn't really cry, so she will be fine." Walt and I took our pager, just in case anything happened, and left. Well wouldn't you know around 11:45, we were paged. Walt and I left church, and went down to the nursery. We turned the corner and I could hear her screaming her lungs out. Surely something had to be wrong, right? Well the second we poked our head into her class, she looked at us, stopped crying and started laughing! Little stinker knew exactly what she was doing. I felt so sorry for the nursery workers. You could tell that they had exhausted all options, so they felt like they needed to call us. They told me that she cried the entire time. Can we say spoiled rotten??!! Here she is before church:

After church we went and had lunch with two great friends of ours...obviously the crying really wore her out!

Finally waking up from that nap after church!

This weekend Walt, me, Eloise and Gracie all headed to Waco to watch the Baylor Bears play in their season opener against Sam Houston State. I was super excited to go to Baylor because I couldn't wait to see my bears play, and I wanted to introduce Eloise to her future college!
She was listening so intently as I was telling her about Baylor and all about the fun momma and daddy had while we were there!

We got there around 12:30, checked in to our hotel and then headed to good ole' George's. Nothing like great, greasy food on game day, right? After George's we headed to the stadium to tail gate. Miss E was a hit! Everyone loved her...last year at this time she was in my belly, so many people were excited to meet her, or be able to hang out with the youngest Baylor Bear fan!
Walt and I have season tickets with our best friends, Matt and Sue...we couldn't wait to meet up with them and start our Baylor football season!!
Here are me and Sue

While we were at the tailgate, Eloise hung out in her stroller...
it wasn't that hot during the morning hours...but you can tell by her face, it was getting hotter by the minute!

Eloise has such great manners. She decided she would show everyone how she can stick her foot into her mouth...clearly she is her father's child.

So we went into the game to watch kickoff and after about oh, 5 minutes of being in the hot sun, I decided it would be best for us to go and sit in the car until the sun went down...Eloise was very happy with momma's decision.

Daddy telling Eloise all
about those Baylor Bears

We were so excited to put Eloise in her game day outfit!! She has on her green and gold, and of course she still has SOMETHING monogrammed!!

Here she is going...ahhhhhhhhhhh


The sun finally decided to go down, so now we could officially go in!!

During half time we went over to George's tent...and Uncle Preston and Eloise decided to pose for a picture. Miss E loves her Uncle Preston! She is hoping that since it is football season, she will be able to see him more often!!
Unfortunately she didn't get a picture with Aunt Ashley...hopefully she will at the next game!

Eloise finally fell asleep after a long day of tailgating...we were happy with our win!!
34-3 baby!!

Sunday morning we got up and showed Eloise our alma mater, and of course, her home in 18 years!!

There's the BAYLOR BEAR!!

Sue, Matt, Tyler and Layla...just taking a stroll

Draper...the building where I spent countless hours

Here we are taking a family pic with Judge Baylor
obviously I spent a lot of time getting ready for our ride home

The girls

Pat Neff Hall

my dorm...from freshman year!

after our campus tour it was time to go you can tell Miss Eloise loves Tyler...
I think the feeling is mutual

don't worry, E was crying because she did NOT want to leave Sue!!

of course a baylor trip would not be complete without a little COMMON GROUNDS!!

Eloise was exhausted from our trip...she felt a little warm to I checked her temp when we got home...

poor was 100.8!! I am pretty sure she is teething..she is putting everything into her mouth, her nose has been runny...she has all the symptoms and I can see where a tooth is trying to break it's way through.
If I hadn't checked her temp, I would have never known...she is a very happy baby.

Don't worry...this girl came home, slept for three hours, and then all she wanted to do was EAT!

We had a great weekend...and we are so thankful that we have tomorrow off as well!
Happy Labor Day!!

Here is a little video of Eloise going to town on her is quite hilarious!!


Sue said...

Oh no! Poor baby E had a temperature?! Hopefully, it's not from our disfuntional AC unit in our hotel minute it was burning up, then freezing..ugh. She is such a happy baby, how could you ever know!! Miss her giggle SO much already. Love YOU!

Sarah Feigleson said...

Meredith - she is growing SO FAST!! In some of her pics in the first part of the post I glanced at them and thought it was another baby! She is turning into a big girl overnight! DON'T BLINK!!!! I can't wait to see her (and you too) this weekend!

Emily said...

she is just the cutest little girl! I love all her presh outfits and your shirt at the game is darling!! Where did you get it from?? I also love her big bows.. she looks darling in them

Graham said...

She is precious! Miss you so much!