August 12, 2010

so long summer


Wait...what did you say? This is momma's last week of summer?

Don't make me throw a fit....I'm going to pout!

Summer has come to a close.
I start work on Monday.
I have mixed emotions.
Of course I am ready to see my new kids, and be back in the routine of things.
Eloise is now at an age where she has a personality, she is very low key (hardly ever cries)
and she is fun. (not that she wasn't fun before, but I can do more with her now.)
So, as much as I am ready to get back to work, and I know she is in good hands with Miss Jasmin, of course, I will miss her. How could you not?
Eloise has done a lot this summer....

We went to the pool

We went to the pool.... A LOT!

In June
Daddy and Momma celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary

Mom took me on MANY shopping trips...

we had tons of photo shoots....

Story time every night before bed....

we went to Lake Brownwood with friends
isn't my sister Grace just beautiful?

daddy relaxed just a little while at Lake Brownwood

I fell in love with the hammock...and momma did too (we now have one at our house)

family pic at lake brownwood

I learned how to roll over!!

I turned 4 months old...

I spent many nights helping daddy work....

we went to visit aunt lauren and uncle spencer in boerne

did i mention that my uncle spencer is so funny?

i started eating rice cereal....
in july i went on my first plane ride to north carolina...

i met my cousin claire and my cousin jack
we had more photo shoots...

momma was able to hang out with her sisters

i survived the plane ride back home
(i didn't poop on momma on the way home...thankfully)

oh and remember these flowers when i got home??

with a note from my daddy? i received my first roses this summer too!

i turned 5 months old...

i started eating baby food...i really do love green beans, carrots,
sweet potatoes and green peas

Align Center

momma threw a shower for one of her friends

uncle tucker and lalee came to visit....
more story time
even daddy decided to listen to uncle tucker read to me.

daddy and momma were able to get away and spend a weekend with friends
at the beach

momma turned 28
she celebrated her birthday with her friend, sarah, who turned 28 the day after her.
what a fun time!
they went to the natural museum of science
and had cocktails and listened to a band play

momma and sarah with the girls, cherry and ashley

then they went out afterwards, and of course,
my momma had to dance with the guys that were celebrating their
21st birthday

they even had a personal "purse holder" all night

momma and daddy went to a wedding
momma's friend, emily, got married

some of the girls on the 4th grade team

Mr. and Mrs. Watts

Garter toss

check out the shoes!

and last but not least....
I found....

I can't believe when summer started I was 3 months old...
Next week I turn 6 MONTHS!!
so long summer...
bring it on fall!!


Jennifer Fountain said...

Girl I feel the same way! James will be 4 months on Sunday, and I have to go back to work Monday. Every year I'm planning all summer and READY to get back to work...but this year I'm dragging buns! In May, I loved having breakfast just me and Jayden and watching him catch the bus, then getting to spend the day with the babies. I could get used to this whole SAHM thing!

Miss E is too cute! I can't believe she's only 2 months older than James!