August 4, 2010

Lucky You...2 post in one day!

Happy Birthday Mr. President!
I know you feel oh so lucky to know that you get to SHARE your birthday with no one other than yours truly.

It's my birthday.
I am extremely blessed.
God has been sooo good to me.
I really and truly do not deserve all of the riches that He has given me.
But how I am thankful.
29 reasons why I am blessed
(in no particular order)
I am extremely thankful for this man

Walt loves me with a love that I cannot explain. He still makes me jump for joy and I still
make him do a double take.

Reason #2:
This smile.
enough said.

Reason #3:
My little brother
All of my childhood memories include Spencer
He is a wonderful man of God and I look up to him so very much. I am so glad that we have always remained close.

Reason #4:
My big sister Nichole
We've been through it all!
Nichole has taught me so much about life, about myself, and being a sister. She has enriched my life and I am blessed because of it.

Reason #5:
My little sister Poco
Oh goodness! Can't imagine my life without you!
Thank you for being my confidant and for never ever turning your back on me! You know all my faults and love me anyway.
When I close my eyes......
Reason #6:
My mother
I strive everyday to be the mom to Eloise that she has been to me.
You are my hero.
You are the person I look up to the most.

Reason #7:
Having a little girl
look at those eyes

Reason #8:
finding true love
Having a man that will go out into the snow and -22 degree wind chill to fix something
and not gripe at you at all because of it.

Reason #9:
Finding my calling in life
I am truly blessed to wake up everyday and know that I am doing what I am supposed to do.
About to start my 7th year and loving every second of it.

Reason #10:
Being able to see innocence every single day
Reason 11:|
Always being able to unwind and enjoy my day
and a glass of wine at the end of the day always helps with that!

Reason #12:
.my faith.
How can you NOT believe in God when you see this staring at you every morning?

Reason #13:
Gracie Mae
This little baby knows all my secrets, has seen me at my worst, and never judges me.
She still loves on me and is happy to see me every single day.

Reason #14:
Eloise Betty
those two words=pure joy

Reason #15:
Cousin Claire (my niece)
Cousin Jack ! (my nephew)
Love these two babies

Reason #16:
Having someone that I can act silly with and it doesn't matter
going on 9 years now!

Reason #17:
Eloise Bass--although Walt and I never knew his grandmother, to hear the stories and to know what an amazing woman she was...I am honored to know that Eloise is named after someone so respected.
Betty Caskey--to know that my daughter carries my grandmother's name is gratifying. My grandmother is the most unselfish woman I have ever met and I love her more than words.
These two women have already impacted our daughter's life.

Reason #18:
To be able to travel
I've been able to see so many things in my lifetime.
Traveling has become a part of my life.

Reason #19:
hearing her laugh
melts my heart

Reason #20:
new friends
These two little girls don't even know what is in store for them!
Moving as often as I have, I've made so many friends and I'm thankful for all of them.
(and so glad that Eloise has a best friend as well!)

Reason #21:
Old friends
Friends that love you through everything
and that never leave your side

Reason #22:
that's it right there

Reason #23:
(excuse the pic)
My grandparents are the most supportive people I know.
They have never let any of us down.

Reason #24:
My girls
happiness all rolled up into those two tiny little things

Reason #25:
unconditional love
there's nothing like the bond of family

Reason #26:
it's tough. it's rough. but it's totally worth it.
being a mom is the greatest thing I have ever done.
no doubt about it.

Reason #27:
Birthday sharing
What? you hate sharing your birthday?
Nah...not me. Especially when you ALWAYS got to share your parties with that little smiley thing there.
Totally worth always having joint parties.

Reason #28:
I love the fact that someone depends on me. Reason #29:
(I know, I'm only 28...but one to grow on...right?)
My in-laws
They are my family.
I am so lucky to have the most incredible in laws.
Parents who treat me like a daughter and who would do anything for me.
Brothers and Sis who love me like I have always been there.
I'm one lucky girl....and I'm reminded of this every time I am with them.

happy birthday to me
all my wishes have already come true!


Momma said...

Ok...Now I'm crying. Such a sweet blog!
Happy Birthday "Miss M", Emmy, M&M, Mer and now...MOMMY!
I love you sweetheart!

Graham said...

Your post made me cry! You are not supposed to be sweet to others on your OWN birthday! I love you and am so thankful for you. Now I am wondering what I taught you about life except for how mean I was in HS! :( JK I love you to pieces dear and can't believe how much Eloise looks like Claire in those new pics! Crazy! Yes you have tons to be thankful for but we do too and that includes YOU! XOXOX (Oh and keep waiting on that post. I have to take my computer in again tomorrow to be sent off.) JOY JOY!