November 8, 2010


I've been absent. Things have been so jam packed around our household, and with the holidays coming up, I don't know if they are going to get any better!
We are going to go on a little rewind...just to catch those of you up that actually care what has been gong on in our life.
This past weekend, we went home to Daingerfield. Walt's birthday is this Thursday, and his dad's birthday was last Thursday, so we went in to celebrate. While we were there, Lalee and Pops took Christmas card picture of the kids...for their cards
Here's a little sneak peek...

Two weekends ago, we stayed home and just had some quality family time together. That was the weekend of the Baylor vs. UT game...if any one needs a refresher, Baylor won.
We went to the park and had a little picnic, and then we took a nice little walk around the lake.
It was a perfect Saturday.

Daddy feeding Miss E her lunch

love play time

look who can hold her own bottle

i love her curiousity

Eloise was able to get on the swings for the first time

she loved it so much, during our walk, she passed out!

Saturday night during the game, momma put Eloise into an oufit that she has already outgrown...I didn't really care, she was still precious!
And...while we were playing dress up, Eloise decided she would start the video below! Baylor win, and E crawling...perfect night!

For Halloween we went over to Sarah and Nate's house for dinner.
It was wonderful! Since Eloise can't actually go trick or treating, this was the best of both worlds.
Eloise loves Sarah....loves, loves, loves her!!

Happy Halloween 2010

and look who's scooting around on her new toy??

watch the video!!


Jenette said...

So precious!! Love, love the Christmas pictures!!

Graham said...

I miss her! She is so cute! xoxo Happy late B-Day to walt! You know how bad I am about dates!