January 17, 2011

Just a lot of nothing....

What? What are you looking at??
Lunch Date with friends, Brett and Pat, on Sunday after church
at Empire Cafe
(*Thank you Aunt Sue and Uncle Matt for the outfit!!*)
Soooo happy to be wearing my tutu
Mozart in the making

If momma has a necklace, I must have one too

I can feed myself with my own spoon....

I'm trying to eat here...

Giggle time, is the best time.

E has really taken to her walkers lately. She has about 4 of them, but this one is by far her favorite. (thank you Great B and Great Joe) We don't have a lot of room in our house, so she is constantly bumping into things. It is so fun to watch her grow...I can't believe she will be ONE in a month. I'm lucky that I have another baby on the way...they grow up too fast!!


Graham said...

She is so precious! Miss you!