March 28, 2011

Still playing catch up...

Goodness! I can't ever seem to catch up with life! It always seems as though a lot is going on around the Bass household. We've actually been able to take it "easy" because I am at that point where I can no longer travel. After going to the doctor today I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I'm trying not to get too anxious as I was 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced with Eloise for 6 weeks. My doctor seems to think that we won't have to induce this time....I just told her, "thank you" for totally jinxing it. I remember when I was pregnant with Eloise at this point I was pretty miserable...but now, with another child to take care of at home, things are completely different. I can no longer bend over to give her a bath...and Walt has been working late. Eloise is running around the house and I find it hard to stop her. I know that things will be multiplied with when bring home little sister, but I just need the belly to go away so I can maneuver!! haha!!
Speaking of little sister...a lot of people have been asking what her name will be. Walt and I have been back and forth on her name for the longest time. With Eloise it was easy because Walt really wanted to name her after his grandmother that he had always heard so much about. For as long as I can remember I always had a name picked out for my little girl, and after we found out we were having a girl this time around again, I knew I wanted to use the name. We've tried hard not to use names that are too popular, and it seems as though the name we have chosen is slowly becoming popular again...but this has always been "the name" that I have wanted.
I am not that person that likes sharing names because I hate to hear what people have to say about it, or what they don't say about it. But...Walt has often reminded me that this is our child, and as long as we love the name, that is all that matters. So...her name will be:
Emerson Caskey Bass
she will go by Emmy or Emmy C.. haha
So I will have an Eloise and an Emerson
or and Ellie B and an Emmy C
I love using first and middle names, so I have had fun monogramming stuff.
At one point Walt and I discussed her name being Caskey, (after my grandparents, which I also love) BUT... I couldn't come to grips with people maybe calling her Cass just didn't sit well for me.
Her nursery is almost complete, and I promise after it is all done, I will be posting pics.
As for our little family we have been up to some things like:

dressing up in pretty clothes

having yet another emergency room visit because we couldn't get our
105 temperature to go down...thankfully it was due to an ear infection and the tubes have helped since then....

spending lots of time on our hammock, napping

realizing that we do LOVE McDonald's chicken nugget happy meals
(don't worry, we limit them) but OH how she loves them

playing outside in our diaper

learning how to climb IN to the dishwasher...
and then give me the look like she is innocent...

going for lots of walks in our double stroller...
Gracie is just "breaking it in"

Over spring break, E had tubes put in her ears. What a trooper.
Once the anesthetic wore off she was just waving at all the nurses telling them "bye-bye"
She looked so scrumptious in her little hospital outfit.

and just preparing the new nursery for Emmy!
I will tell you, there is one reason why I don't ever want to give up being pregnant...I've actually had cravings this time. Now, it's only been cravings for three different things...but oh man, how I have loved eating these three things:
1. chicken schawarmas...if you don't know what this it and then find the nearest place that sells them. OH MY GOODNESS...heaven.
2. low-fat strawberry pop tarts... I eat ONE every day for snack at school. I even had two students bring me boxes when they saw they were on sale at HEB
3. popsicle creamsicles. Remember the popsicles that you used to eat as a kid with ice cream inside...oh yes, that is me at least 3 times a yummy!
I think I've finally caught up with the to catching up with laundry, dishes, ironing, cleaning......


Rathi said...

I love the name Emerson, so cute! Can't wait to see pics of her nursery! Hope you all are doing well! Have a great week!

Jennifer Fountain said...

Where oh where do you get Miss E's clothes? She always looks SO adorable with her outfits and bows!!

Laura said...

Meredith -- I have pics of Matt climbing in the dishwasher just like your sweet Eloise. So cute! Now he wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole!! Ha, ha. Enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy. So happy for you and your family.

Sue said...

Emmy C!! I looove it! Ellie B and Emmy C will be just the CUTEST girls around. E will be a great big sis. Let the countdown begin! Hope the next few weeks go by fast for you. Love you!

kinsey said...

i like her name!! and scott has the same attitude and had to remind me's OUR baby and who cares if we choose a name that other people choose. if we like it, we use it ;-)

Jenette said...

Love, love the name!! And, OMG--cute hospital outfit!! Hang in there Mer. . .we can't wait to meet Miss ECB!!