March 13, 2011

We're going to the zoo, zoo, about you, you, you?

Woo Hoo! It is officially spring break! lOvE this time of year! I love when the mornings are cool and then the afternoons are perfect! Walt has been working LONG hours...this was pretty much what he saw of his baby girl last week when he got home from work....
chunky lil' dumplin, isn't she?

this is a pic of Eloise last weekend when we had a little outing to Ikea for the first time. We purchased baby sister's new changing table there. Ikea is definitely an experience!

and since the weather has been so perfect we have been having a LOT of hammock time together. Eloise LOVES her hammock, and this is a guaranteed spot for a nap!

this weekend the weather was gorgeous! on saturday we took it pretty easy. we went to HEB and got our groceries for the week, daddy worked from home, took a nice little walk around the lake, cleaned the house, and Eloise and I spent a lot of time outside. she LOVES to be outside...she decided that she wanted a sip of my water and poured the entire drink on her we just decided to go without pants!

on sunday we took our first trip to the ZOO! we had SO much fun! as I was going through the pictures I realized that I hardly took any pictures of animals...they were mostly of Eloise, but everyone knows what animals look like, right?!
here is daddy and e before we left for the day....

we had out lunch at the zoo...yum!

eloise has no fear of animals
we went to the petting zoo and she loved this little goat

momma and her big girl

this was right in front of the Lemur exhibit

watching the tiger

check out those lips...look closely
oh baby

two peas in a pod

e loved the sea lions

she also loved riding on daddy's shoulders

checking out the elephants before we left

after leaving the zoo, we visited the park for a bit.
we had to get back to our car and this was the nicest, most scenic route
eloise has REALLY taken off as far as walking goes...
it is so funny to watch.
and just so you know...she does have shoes...she prefers to go without...
my child for sure.
(I have two videos at the bottom as well)

we had a great weekend
I can't wait for this coming week!
I will be going up to the school on tuesday to get things together for the sub that will be entering my classroom in about 6 1/2 weeks! AHHH!!
Eloise is getting tubes put in on Thursday and
we are going to try to get the nursery all done (try)
Here I am at 32 weeks 5 days
Doctor said she that unless baby comes earlier (which she thinks she will, but she thought the same thing about Eloise) I will be induced during the 39th week. (this is 6 weeks 2 days away!)
we are still debating on a date because I really want to be in the classroom with my kids when they take the Math and Reading TAKS test.
So...we will see what little Bass decides to do... can tell by the pic, that I HAVE indeed, gained weight...
I'm just ready to have two little girls to snuggle with!!

and like I are two videos of Eloise just a walking away...she's quite possibly the cutest thing in the entire world....


Jenette said...

Cutie!! I'd rather see pics of the Eloise than the stinky animals!! She is ADORABLE!! Love her little bare feet!

JoDee Hale said...

Seeing Elosie in all her ruffles and bows make me hope even more for a little girl one day- SO FUN! Glad you are getting to have so much fun family time out in this gorgeous weather! I can't believe you're only six weeks away from being a family of five! :)

Whitney Jodry said...

she is so darling and you look fabulous Mere! What are you naming little one?