March 6, 2011

2 weekends behind

I am just a little behind right now when it comes to blogging. It seems as though my life has taken over and I find myself going weeks without an update. I apologize, Poco. Because I know you are the one lonely follower that I have who actually checks to see when I update. According to you my blog is "boring." I'll work on that...and just for that...this post is all about YOU.
Last weekend we went up to Dallas to watch my little sister run in her first ever half marathon.
What a journey!
Poco had been training for months, and the week before the marathon she was horribly sick. On Friday night we still didn't know whether she would be running or not...but she gave it her all and finished the race. We were so proud of her!
It was so fun to go and cheer her on and we wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world.
Here she is on race day! (she's in the lime green/yellow top)

Gambi and Eloise were so excited to see Poco run by at mile 7

Here we are after the race...E just has to hold the leash for Gracie

So proud of Pat and Poco!
Oh look..someone incredibly sweet made you both signs
What a nice person

Eloise made this sign for her Aunt Poco.
When Poco ran by at mile 7...E was holding the sign with her daddy!!

The Roomies trained together!
Yay Poco and Lauren!
Go Girls!!

Poco's cheering section!!

I know I need to upload more pictures of life. This past week was crazy! Tuesday was the Writing TAKS test for my 4th graders, and then on Tuesday night, Eloise had a temperature...not just any got up to 105!! We had to go to the hospital, and thankfully it was just from an ear infection. Walt and I have already scheduled for Eloise to get tubes on the 17th. I know it will make a world of difference.
On Saturday we had a birthday party to go to, and then on Sunday we FINALLY started purchasing things for baby girl!
I can't believe that in 7 1/2 short weeks we will be a family of 5! (we included Gracie here!)
I am starting my 32 week of pregnancy or my 8 month!
I go to the doctor tomorrow...after that checkup I will post a picture of the ever growing belly!
I will say this time around, thankfully, I haven't gained as much weight! Maybe it is because I am toting around a 22 pounder!! more week, then a much needed break...
Spring Break that is!!


The Paradis Family said...

Ha, you are doing WAY better than me in keeping up with the 'ol blog! I just posted about my birthday....which was in DECEMBER!!!! But, I am determined to catch up :) And, I love keeping up with your blog...your family is precious!

JoDee Hale said...

Your sister's not the only one checking for an update... I check every Monday morning! I'm a pretty devoted blog stalker. I love the pic of Eloise standing next to her Aunt Poco- I can just picture her walking all over the place! Sooo cute that she wants to hold Gracie's leash!!
I can't believe you're already 32 weeks. Gracious. You need to share your secrets for not gaining so much pregnancy weight- when we start round two I cannot get so huge again!! Looking forward to the belly pics!

Poco said...

Thanks for your sweet blog Mer! I will admit I totally am obessed with checking yours and Nichole's blogs daily.. Heck I'm a VERY proud Aunt and I like to brag!

**I can't thank you enough for coming to support me even though I did so poorly at my race! Seeing you, Walt, gracie, mom, molly, and sweet Eloise made me push for the finish line faster just so I could see yall!! Your such an amazing sister and it means so much to me to know you will ALWAYS be there to support me. Can't wait for baby #2!!! I L-O-V-E YOU!