April 17, 2011

Just a girl, her balloon and her coupe.....

Hello there friends! Well...we are still a family of four (you can't forget Miss Gracie) After the version that I had on Monday I honestly think that I could probably have this little girl without any pain meds. They practically gave my stomach a skin burn because they put so much pressure on my stomach when trying to turn her...but I will say, she FLIPPED! So, the version was all worth it, but if she hadn't flipped...I'll be honest, I don't know if I would do it again. Worst. Pain. Of. My. Life.
But...I shouldn't be griping, things could have not been a success and then I would really be upset. And as of now, she is still nestled and not wanting to come out. I was 4 cm and 80% effaced on Monday...we've experienced contractions ever since then...but nothing too painful to where we needed to check ourselves into the hospital. So...if she doesn't come within the next week, we scheduled to be induced on April 28th at 5 a.m.
Walt and I made sure to have everything together.
I asked my friend, JoDee, a couple of weeks ago if she could make me some cute little cookies for Emerson's arrival. I am praying that things go better this time around and people can actually see my baby...instead of her being in the NICU. So, I wanted to have little cookies made for guests to take with them once they leave. Emerson's room is lavender, toffee and cream...I asked JoDee for her help...and she came up with the CUTEST cookies!! I love them! Walt and I, I mean I, had so much fun bagging them up in Saturday night! I just had to share!

In Eloise's world, I honestly think that the good Lord is trying to test my patience. Like He wants me to know what is about to come. Eloise is currently cutting FOUR teeth at once. 2 molars, and then two more on the bottom...can we talk about FUSSY??!! Fussy that I have never seen before! E has been sleeping through the night since she was 5 months old...last night she was up from 11-3...screaming her head off. Nothing could console her. I just had to laugh because I KNOW that my fabulous 8 hours of sleep that I have been used to for 9 months is about to come to an abrupt halt. I also had to laugh because I know that my God is testing me. I have patience, but last night, whew...it was another story!
Today we went to our church's Easter egg hunt and picnic.
We had so much fun!
Even though it was a little hot, it was still so fun to watch Eloise interact with the Easter Bunny, which she LOVED, and watch her "inspect" the eggs. Last year Eloise was only 2 months old, so this year was a new experience for us. I loved being around all the children, and we were lucky enough to have my friend Sarah accompany us and help us with everything! I move a little slower these days, so Eloise was GLAD that Sarah came along!!
But, I must say, I was completely shocked with how much she was intrigued by the Bunny. I guess since it is a life sized stuffed animal, she would like him, but man...she didn't want to leave. It was too cute!
Here she is eating some potato chips at the picnic

LOVES Mr. Easter Bunny

having fun with daddy

getting some kisses from Aunt Sarah


showing off her basket!!
Look at that monogrammed name...courtesy of AUNT POCO!!

we must keep hydrated!!

Ready. Set. GO!

I'll take this one....

hmm...how many eggs do I have in my basket?

this is kinda fun!

what? I wanted candy..not a sticker! Maybe next year!
clearly I had fun!

once we got home Walt decided that he needed to wash his car...so of course, Eloise had to follow suit. We decided that she could just go out there in her Go Diego Go swimsuit diapers...she loves her coupe, and daddy even tied her a balloon on her car....

playing with the splash table again...

once she saw daddy's lawnmower, she went straight to the garage and got hers as well....

looking good girl!

she didn't really nap much today
Like, she only napped on the ride home from church
so...after I gave her, her bottle at 6, she went straight to sleep...
I'd say this was a good day.

I've talked before about how obsessed Eloise is with music. She LOVES music; however, she is especially obsessed with Jack Johnson. So..anytime I need her to just sit still for a moment, this is all I have to do, and she gives Jack her undivided attention. I must say, I like this girl's taste in music.

and here she is mowing. Thank you Miss Emily for the wonderful birthday present!! As you can tell, she LOVES it!!

Maybe my next post will be about our newest addition....little Emerson Caskey...fingers crossed! We can't wait to meet our new little angel!!


Graham said...

Such a cute post! I love the cookies! Also Eloise is precious. I am sad we don't live closer! We went to a hunt today too and the cousins would have had so much fun! XOXOXO Can't wait to see Baby Emerson!

kinsey said...

the cookies are so cute and i've seen a lot of people do something like that. since i will know when this baby is coming, as opposed to the 12 hour notice with hank ;-) i might want to do something like that. we had so many visitors with him so i assume we will again. my question, how far in advance can you do them and still know they will taste fresh??

eloise is adorable! can't wait to see emerson!

Emily said...

she is so stinking cute:) The cookies are so cute too!!!
Where did you get the water table? I am trying to find one for cate