May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day becomes more and more special to me now that I am in fact, a mother. It's hard to believe that last year was my first Mother's Day...and now I have not one, but two babies. Being a mother is most definitely the greatest blessing in my life, next to being a wife. I absolutely love the title of Eloise's mom and Emerson's mom. I even love being called Miss Gracie's mom. But..on Mother's day, I can't help but think about my mother. Heck..she must be the most amazing mom in the entire world because she raised 4 wonderful kids. haha.
No, mother is the greatest influence in my life. She has overcome so many difficult obstacles, and yet she did it with dignity. When I think about my childhood, every great memory that I have includes my mother. She was with me when I won at dance competitions and when I didn't, she helped me practice for certain play parts, she always encouraged me to run for student government, she was there when I would come home and cry about "girl drama", she helped mend my broken hearts over boyfriends...over the years my mother obviously still remained my mother...but somewhere along the way she became one of my best friends.
I love the fact that hardly a day goes by where I don't talk to my mother. I love that as an adult I can now call my mother up and ask her for advice, I love that I often find myself talking to my children and it reminds me of certain instances where my mother would talk to me.
My mother is an amazing woman. And I know that I could go on forever about all of the wonderful things that she has done for me, and about all of her wonderful characteristics., I just want my mom to know that I truly am inspired to be the greatest mom that I can possibly be because of YOU. You have been the greatest role model for me and I can only hope that one day my children look up to me, the way that I look up to you.
Thank you for always valuing me as a daughter, and for teaching me to never give up on my dreams. Because of you mom, my dreams have come true. I love you.
Happy Mother's Day...and thank you for being my mother, my friend, and my role model. You truly are a wonderful person and I am so thankful that God chose me to be your daughter.


Momma said...

I'm really not worthy of this. All I did was love you!