May 5, 2011

Miss Independent.....

Walt thinks I am crazy because I just LOVE the roses in my backyard. Had to cut some yesterday while E was playing outside and I was feeding Em. Just makes me thankful for spring!

Miss Gracie is not liking the fact that her sister, Eloise is now starting to feed herself.
Gracie gets as close to Eloise's high chair as possible and just begs for E to give her some food.
It is quite hilarious.
I swear this little girl does more than just sleep. But...she does do this a lot. So far she is still not a crier, just cries when she is hungry. It takes her a little longer at night to fall asleep, but that's ok...we are working on it.
I am so in love with this little teeny tiny slice of heaven.

And this little nugget is starting to become VERY independent.
Cue the Kelly Clarkson song now.
She is definitely in that toddler stage.
If only I could get her to eat actual solids.
She's lazy...she'd rather just not chew her foods.
Messy, messy, messy girl!

love that tongue
Love it.