June 29, 2011

mid week randoms...

It's hump day.
thank goodness.
we've actually had some sort of play date scheduled every day this week.
so...last week, when i said things had been calm...i take that back.
but, i wouldn't have it any other way.
sometimes i wish i could go back in time and be able to use my imagination they way that children do.
i love being able to live my childhood over again through eloise's eyes.
she is totally content playing all by herself.
here she is...she closed the door and everything, did not want me in there.

we've been to the pool a lot.
people often ask me what do i do with emerson.
i just leave her sitting there, without any supervision.
oh, come on...you didn't believe that, did you?
if i am going to the pool, then someone else is there with me.
someone that will switch off with me so i can watch emerson and then play with eloise as well.
that someone is usually my saving grace, sarah.
here is emerson in her first, of many, bikini...it was still too big for her, but oh well.
i say it all the time, by oh my, those lips...so kissable.

on monday night we had a bachelorette party.
some girlfriends of mine got together to watch the bachelorette and we brought our children as well...no, we didn't end up watching the bachelorette.
but...the playdate was fun, and eloise slept until almost 9 the next day.
i love watching eloise play with other children...most of her friends are boys...and let me tell you...she can hang with the best of them.

and here is my little dumplin just watching momma cook dinner
she is quite possibly the sweetest baby in the entire world
all she wants is for you to talk to her, and she just smiles and coos...i know i've said that numerous times, but i just don't recall eloise ever really getting into me talking to her
but this little piece of heaven...she will melt your heart with her smiles...
i am completely in love with this girl

who knows what we have planned for the 4th...
but i know i will have more pictures of this cutie and of her sister to share.

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