June 3, 2011

5 years, what what!!

The only time I have found to type this up is in between my night time feedings with Emmy C. She literally woke up at 1:00 to eat..and now an hour and a half later I have finished this post.
Walter, this means I love you...a lot...because I just gave up the little sleep that I am getting, to post about YOU!

Happy Anniversary to the Mr.! To say that I can't believe that we have been married for 5 years would be a lie. We have done SO much in the 5 years we have been married...my life with you is a constant adventure! I love how I am always waiting to see what will happen next for us. Because of you, I have been able to travel and see things that I never thought I would see. Because of you, I have two beautiful baby girls and I get to spend every single day with them. I love you more with each passing day, and I am so incredibly lucky to be able to spend my life with you. Sure, we have had hard times, but it makes the good times that much better. Thank you for truly being my better half. I am so proud to call you my husband.
circa 2001

circa 2002
I'm still wondering why this hottie would ever have wanted to go out with a girl, who was in college, wearing PIG TAILS! what was I thinking? You're right...I wasn't.

So...I've thought long and hard about our top 5 moments together. And here they are:
#5. The Pub Crawl that we did in Venice
This was our third time in Venice together, and I must say it was the best! Because of you, and Rick Steve's, we had so much fun on our pub crawl! I truly enjoyed feeling like a local and it definitely made me love Venice even more. I will NEVER forget that night.

we'd been pub crawling for a while now...

What a successful night!

#4. Our trip to London
London was great for so many reasons. One being that when we had gone to London while we were dating, I was so ready to get home from our 6 week backpacking excursion that I didn't take it all in. Our last London trip was amazing. I have always loved how you make me feel so comfortable in any situation. I have truly enjoyed traveling with you because you are so educated and you appreciate and accept your surroundings. London was a trip of a lifetime., going to church at Westminster Abbey, all the shows we saw, our fun late night out with friends, socializing in pubs, finding out we were FINALLY pregnant, Nottinghill, everything was perfect....and...it made me realize how much I love Indian and Thai food. :)

#3. Living in Oklahoma with you
We packed up our things and moved to Oklahoma one week before getting married. We knew no one and had no family around us. It was a wonderful experience that I would never take back. The friendships we made were lifelasting, and I will always miss the restaurants, the 4 seasons that they actually have, and all of the memories that we made.
Here we are with our first snow in Owasso... more than a foot of snow and this is when we realized that Oklahoma's winters are definitely different than Texas' winters!

Oh goodness, and who could forget the ice storms we had?
You thought you were an awesome driver, but you ran over our mailbox?
The windchill was -17...
There was over 12 inches of ice...
Yes...I loved Tulsa's winters...and experiencing this with you

I'll never forget our cute, 1st home.
It was perfect.

#2. Watching you become a daddy
Goodness, I know things have been difficult having two babies in the house, and we all have tested your patience, but what a wonderful daddy you are. I love watching you daily interact with your girls. They are so lucky to have you as their father. I can't wait to see what life has in store for you in the father department...two little girls have already stolen your heart.

#1. Of course...our wedding day
How cliche, right? But...what a wonderful day it was. Not only do we have memorable moments from the wedding, "With this wring, I de wed," but our reception was exactly the way that I wanted it to be... FUN.
You have brought out the "fun card" in me.
With you I can be myself and you embrace it.
I love that all of our crazy memories that we have...I love that we have two children and yet we are still on the go all the time.
I love knowing that I get to wake up next to you for the rest of my life.
The greatest thing I have ever done was become Mrs. Walter Creagg Bass Jr.
You make me happy every single day.
Happy 5 years....I love you.


Momma said...

Five years ago I gave you away...but look what I got in return!!!! Happy Anniversary to to both of you...and I love how our family has grown!

Graham said...

Happy Anniversary! We love you both! XOXOXOXO

The Zipser Family said...

Happy Anniversary!! xoxo

Emily said...

Happy anniversary my sweet friend!!! Love all the new pictures of the girls! They are so stinking cute! Wish you still lived in oklahoma and we could hang out!:)