June 6, 2011


What a great weekend! I had some emotional days, so I was glad that the weekend came and it was so fun. Friday was an emotional overload. I had to clean out my room, get rid of most of my 7 years of teaching (we have no room in our house), tell my teammates goodbye (yes, I know I will still see them, but not on a daily basis), we told Miss Jasmin bye (Eloise is now just considered a drop in) and I celebrated my 5 year anniversary.
Thank goodness Sarah offered to watch my babies so Walt and I could go out to celebrate. I know I should probably find a babysitter, but when someone you trust, offers...why not, right?

Just had to show you first how protective Gracie Mae is of her little sister. Gracie loves babies...it's the toddler stage where they are pulling at her hair, patting her too hard, chasing her around the room, that she doesn't like so much.

Look at sweet Emerson...she is really getting into it!!
This girl is STRONG! I sometimes worry about how strong she is!!
We went to the doctor last week for our 6 week check up and I still have an itty bitty baby!
She is currently 8 pounds 14 ounces. This is the 20th %
She is 1 foot 10 inches long. This is the 61st %
She is doing so well at night! She takes her last bottle around 9 and doesn't get up again until 2, she will then sleep until 5 or 6, and then sleeps until 8 or 9.
This is perfect because Eloise sleeps until 8 as well...so momma wakes up on her own around 7:30..and I have 30 minutes to MYSELF!
We are so incredibly blessed by this girl...she is just the BEST baby!!
Nothing but sweetness coming from her.
She is starting to smile at us, and recognizes our voices...when she hears me talking to her she just coos. And the sweetest thing of all is that Eloise has now started to give her kisses on the head. She will make the kissing sound, and just kiss on Emerson. Eloise can already tell that her little sister is THE sweetest thing ever!!

So, back to Friday night.
Walt and I went and ate at our favorite Italian food restaurant, and we then met up with some of our closest friends for a glass of wine. We went to a wine bar in River Oaks, and it was fun to hang out with friends and not have to worry about my babies because I knew they were being taken care of!
Walt and I had SO much fun hanging out with Corey, Brett and Ashleigh
Thank you guys for coming out and spending our anniversary with us!
And the greatest part about my anniversary...Walt took the nighttime feeding! :)
I love this girl....so glad that we are in the same town and I can now actually hang out!

Doesn't Corey look like Woody Harrelson?
Sweetest couple ever

Oh goodness, Brett LOVES his Mer...

My handsome hunk of a husband

5 years strong!!

Ok...I love my Brett too...

Cheers to 5 years!!

On Sunday Walt and I were so excited that Matt and Sue stopped by to meet the newest addition to our little family. They were in town for a baby shower, and I was so glad that Walt was able to hang out with Matt on Saturday. Then on Sunday they came over to the house and it was so great to catch up! Eloise loved playing peek-a-boo with Sue...and Emerson didn't even cry with Matt held her!

After they left, we went to the pool for a while.
This little girl put on her new smocked bikini and was ready to go. The second she heard pool, she grabbed the bag and was ready!

I never have any pictures of me swimming with E, so I made Walt take one..thank goodness E is hiding the belly!!

SHE LOVES the pool

playing in the kiddie pool...

2 peas in a pod....

Lalee got Eloise some shoes a while back that squeak when she walks. Eloise is just now able to fit into them. I love the concept... when I take her some where I will always know where she is...she LOVED putting them on and hearing her squeak:

and I just had to show these two videos.. Walt mows the lawn every Sunday...and this is what Eloise does...she LOVES her daddy!


Sarah Feigleson said...

oh my word! cutest videos. i love her little voice - so precious!

Anonymous said...

OMG that's so stinkin' cute....she's absolutely adorable!

The Zipser Family said...

How do you look so fantastic six weeks after a baby? You look beautiful and sonare your girls