June 14, 2011

water baby

hmmm...i think my baby quite possibly has the biggest, most kissable lips known to mankind.

we've been up to some things lately...and since it is summer, it mainly deals with water...water, water, water.
i wanted to show these two pictures first, so you could see that eloise is in fact, becoming more and more of a loving big sister...always wants to be close to her little emmy

so..what's this about water you say?

i love water! water makes me happy!! well..bathtub water, momma hasn't let me get in the pool water just yet...wait...she has one more thing to share...

daddy finally gave in and turned his office into eloise's and soon to be emerson's playroom...

of course, eloise's favorite toy is the printer.

hey, wait...back to the water...
we go swimming pretty much every sunday...

pack a nice little picnic

take our nice little afternoon nap....laid up in our stroller...
she loves sleeping in her stroller

daddy was supposed to be watching emerson...
looks like daddy is napping too...

sweet girl, just napping while momma and eloise swim
don't worry, daddy is right there...."watching" her.

we've realized we really LOVE bubble baths...
love them.

hmm...looks like this could taste really good.

and yesterday, we went over to my great friend, JoDee's house and played in the water, yet again.
Carson and Eloise are 2 weeks apart...and play extremely well together
Here they are acting a little too shy...they won't get in the pool, just yet.

"Listen Carson, I'll get in, if you get in."

"Ok, I think that sounds like a deal."

"This isn't so bad now is it?"

First actual "date" where they were really talking to each other
Thirsty babies...look at those CUTIE PIES!!

How sweet...they are sharing rocks....
match made in heaven.
The girls and I will be in Dallas for the rest of the week. Walt will join us over the weekend. We have a wedding to go to and I am so excited. Excited to see sweet Caroline get married, and excited to see if Eloise will really dance when the pressure is on. I think we could have a ton of fun at the reception. And, this will be Emerson's first wedding...I have no worries about her...she will be perfect!!

here's E trying to eat...she still can NOT get the hang of the spoon. such a messy eater.


Graham said...

I love the video! HIIIIII!

JoDee said...

What cute pictures!! Love the video too- that's hilarious! I hope you get some cute video of her dancing at the wedding... have a great weekend!

Momma said...

This is hilarious!!! I guess she will be eating on the patio! haha