June 15, 2011

sisterly love

if you haven't seen eloise eating her pudding, please scroll down to my last post...she is quite the "turkey" in this video...no pun intended...haha.
no, I haven't forgotten about my littlest love. sometimes it is just a littler harder to take videos of that little munchkin. here is a video of her...of course, my drama princess just had to get in the video as well...and she ended up sharing with her sister her new trick... kisses.
thank you lord for my two precious babies...
it's the tiny things like this that remind me on a daily/hourly basis how blessed i truly, truly am.


Yelda said...

you are blessed they are darling!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say hi.... it seems we have the same last name.."bass" I know there are a bazillion out there but i thought i'd give you my grandparents names and maybe in the "fate" of things we might be related......

My grandparents are Mabre and Jewel Bass...sound familiar?