July 8, 2011

Life's a Beach...

okay, so i took some time out to blog about something other than my children....i received more comments than i have in quite some time...guess this is a sign that i probably need to get more creative in my blogging...BUT
for now, i will blog about my children.
i guess what i have figured out is that i really like comments.
i mean, like, really.
maybe it makes me think that people actually enjoy reading about my life..
ok, not maybe, it does make me believe that people enjoy reading about my life
when in all actuality, people probably don't.
who ever knew that a measly little comment would make me feel so much better about myself
don't you wish that was all you had to worry about?

so...on to what we did for the 4th of July.
we ventured on down to galveston and had a blast at one of our closest friend's beach cabin.
daddy and emerson before we left on sunday morning...
walt's been real good at this lately...sleeping. :) did i just say that?

oh, did i mention that my seester came into town?
was so excited to have her come down here....not because she is such a help, ok, yes, that was one main reason, but also because i have so much fun hanging out with her every time i see her.
love my seester!!
Aunt Poco and Emmy C...
this is emmy c's favorite spot...probably because Poco's chest area is a little more cushiony than mine...oh my goodness, did i just say that too?? :)

here is me and the little pistol.
she LOVES the water...
she LOVED pat's pool, can't you tell?

i even decided to venture out and let emerson get into the pool for a bit...
i am hoping that her skin tans like eloise's but, right now she is one pale momma.

hmmm...can't remember the last time pokey and i had an adult beverage together in the pool


i think this little one kind of liked the water

this was the best picture that pat could get of the Bass Family in the pool

i don't know if i have ever mentioned before how much eloise loves men.
she LOVES men.
i'm talking obsessed.
now, Pat is an extremely patient person, but eloise just wanted to swim and swim with him...
look at that face.
we have to say thank you to Pat...not many 29 year olds want to hang out with a married couple and their two kids...
but, we have some pretty good friends.

after most of the morning at the beach house we decided to venture on down to the beach
eloise had never seen the ocean before
now if you know anything at all about the Wilson family (that's my side)
you know we are beach lovers
every.single.summer was spent at the beach
so, i really didn't know what i would do if i had a child that was terrified of the water, or didn't like the sand...
thankfully, eloise has A LOT more Wilson in her than I thought...
she LOVED the beach, and we are actually planning on taking her again before the end of august.
thanks to one of my sweet friends emerson was able to stay in a sun tent the whole time, and she was kept shaded...i can't wait for next year with the both of them...

eloise exploring the beach with aunt poco

she's in love
(note: yes, i am that mother that let my child run around in her swim diaper. i really didn't want the bottom of her precious swim suit to get ruined, so i just said, who cares, take it off.)

she actually let out a LOUD scream here because she was sooooo super duper happy

daddy and e
2 best friends

here is yet another scream

playing in the sand

oh...look who pulled out the moves here?
toes pointed and everything
show off :)

pat showing e how to build a sand castle

my hope for these two...


after the beach we cleaned up and went to dinner
i decided at the dinner table i would give eloise a koozie to play around with...

obviously she knows what to do with the koozie...
been watching her daddy

here are the two girls...emerson looks a little scared, but this was the best shot i could get
the girls after dinner
we had a blast at the cabin! and at the end of july we get to go back without kids...to hang out with friends...so thankful that we have so many wonderful friends to be with.

on the 4th of July we just laid low...
it really was perfect..
we had sno cones, hot dogs, watermelon
and we just hung out as a family...
even took a trip to the grocery...
here are my little loves decked out in their red, white and blue

we can't go anywhere without our dolly

my little firecracker
emerson caskey

e LOVES herself some watermelon...

miss gracie loves sleeping next to emerson...
this is what they do when walt and i watch movies...
sweet sisters

this week there really hasn't been anything exciting going on in our world here at home...
so i took some pictures of the girls...
this is eloise in mid kiss.

sweet little emerson is growing so fast...
she actually gained a new cousin this week! they will only be 2 and a half months apart...it will be fun to watch emerson and presley grow up together
she is cooing and smiling all the time
love talking to this little tiny girl

girl loves her tongue

momma, can you stop?

another attempt to get them to both look at the camera
i will succeed one day

and drama queen here...she wanted to play around with a denim sash that i have...
silly, silly girl
she won't wear a bow in her hair for anything,
but tie a huge denim sash around her head and she won't take it off...

peek a boo
big eyed girl

we have many events coming up
so, guess you are going to have to read more post about my babies...darn.
but...i will think of something creative to post about in between
for those of you that read my blog regardless of my lack of creativity...thank you.


Joeylee said...

your girls are adorable. I love emersons pouty lips. great pictures

Lindley said...

I love comments on my blog too, although I am not getting many :( guess I need to resend my blog out to everyone i know so they'll read and comment on it. HA! I do love your blog and you make me laugh. I also love that you update frequently. You Wilson girls AND boy are all such pretty people! Seriously! Gambi done good! :o) And, of course: your girls are just precious. Keep up the blogging..I love it!

Heather Patterson said...

sister, i LOVE reading your blog... babies and all! that's what my WHOLE blog is about... that's the only extra's we do, ha!

Emily Green said...

I LOVE your blog Mer! I always check for new posts, just never leave a comment!

Rathi said...

Love all the pics of the girls, so sweet! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. Your girls are precious!

JoDee said...

Great pictures, Mer! Looks like y'all had a great holiday!

Stephanie said...

oh i love your blog!! all the posts! and i know, i mean, i really really know, that i should comment more often. because i LOVE comments. i love them. like, on a bad day... they make my day. hmm... maybe i need to get out more :)

love your two sweet peaches. and i have been meaning to comment and tell you that miss emerson's lips. i die each time i see them!!

Chelsey said...

I know... I LOVE the name Emerson as well :) But our last name is Wilson and I wonder if Emerson Wilson is too much son?! :)

Thanks for the sweet comments... I love your blog!! I love finding new ones!!!

And your babies are SO cute... we haven't found the sex out of our second one but I'm secretly dying for another girl :) Sisters would be great!

Anonymous said...

Eloise and Emerson are both so cute! Reading your blog is fun :)

Sue said...

Crazy woman...I love ALL your posts! I mean, you're blog keeps me updated with my fav fam of 4 AND the latest trends in children's clothing! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your blog rules! Reading it is so awesome! Eloise and Emerson are SUPER ADORABLE!!! Looking forward to reading other ones! .):)