September 8, 2011

I'm an addict

I tried for a really looooong time to think that I was one of the "cool" kids.  That I was really and truly one of the only people who knew about pinterest.  Like, it was bad.  I didn't want to post about it, because then people would know about it.  I didn't want to "invite" my friends, because then all my ideas, the ideas that I found on the computer would no longer seem "creative." And to think that I was invited by a friend of mine...and I didn't even stumble upon it myself.  But now it seems as though pinterest has caught on with the rest of the world...just like facebook...hello, we are talking I have had facebook since 2004...long before it was popular, and now everyone can see where I came up with all my neat ideas.  
But even still... I am addicted. 
It's extremely hard not to be. 
and there are some things that I think to myself..."why didn't I think of that?"
Like the activity that Eloise and I did today. 
Today we painted with shaving cream. 
I originally made homemade bubbles to play with outside, but after going outside and realizing that the mosquitoes have come back, I quickly took all 3 girls back in.  
and I whipped up a really fast batch of "paints"
let my little nudist painter go to town with her "canvas" and we had a blast. 
I would highly recommend this to anyone with toddlers. 
This kept Eloise busy for almost an hour!

 and don't think the gracie didn't want to join in...
in fact, she still has some blue in her hair from where Eloise decided she would "paint" her. 
Gracie would not leave the tub...
she just had to know what all the fun was about.

 and clean up was a breeze...everything literally washed off with water...
and while I was at it, I went ahead and cleaned the tub...
you know, with the magic eraser
(aren't those things AH-MAZING?!?!)
and some Mr. Clean/Febreeze bathroom cleaner.
 Looks like nothing ever happened, right?!?

I mean seriously...if you haven't joined pinterest yet...just go ahead and join the 21st century...
you can find EVERYTHING there...
from putting together a cute outfit

to finding a recipe for a grilled tomato basil cheese sandwhich...
ummm..can you say, heaven?

 I even found what I would love for my dream kitchen to look like one day..
obsessed with the brick.
 oh goodness...and this could get me in major trouble..
cute little "happys" for Eloise and Emerson during the holidays when they go to Miss Jasmin's for their friends. Who wouldn't want a "milk man" after the holidays are over to welcome them back to school??

and you can even find things for the holidays to make your house even cuter.  If you go here you can actually download this little image, for free, and print it off for Halloween
I mean, how could you NOT be an addict, right?


Stephanie said...

Would you believe my mom made me and my sister the exact same paints in muffin tins when I was a girl?? Must've been in a magazine or something, because lord knows we didn't have pintrest back in the 80's!! Xoxo, s

The Zipser Family said...

I have never been on that site so you are cool! I am going to have to check it out along with the cute paints you showed here. Thanks for the suggestion.

Emily said...

so much fun! I will have to do this with Cate when it gets to cold to go outside! I LOVE pinterest too! I am obsessed!