September 25, 2011

some time away

Big E giving little e some smoochies...

and me, loving on my littlest love bug

one thing i love about not teaching is the fact that i can pick up and go whenever i want.
last week, we decided to make a little trip to visit family.
it was much needed.
makes me wish that we all just lived in the same town, but it also makes me happy for the time we have together.
while we were gone...this little one turned 5 months old.
so, i snapped a few pics this morning, to document.

then eloise got a little jealous because all of my attention was on emerson,
so i let her join in.
emerson got upset.
girls ARE drama though, aren't they?

oh little emmy...
i can't believe 5 months has passed...
only because i now know what all is in store for you, and i know that you are no longer a little newborn.
sad face.
at 5 months you are eating 7 oz. every 4 hours.
you are still on your medication that is working so beautifully for you, thank goodness.
you take 3 naps.
a 3o min nap in the morning
a 3 hour nap in the afternoon
and a 30min-1 hr nap before dinner time
you are starting to try foods...and you LOVE them.
you go down around 8, and eat at 11
then sleep until 7 the next morning
hopefully this month you will start to sleep for 12 hours straight
i'm not complaining, though
you wear size 2 diapers
and 3-6 month clothes
you smile all the time, and when you smile...your face just lights up all over
you are quite the talking
you longingly stare at your big sister and want to do things with her
sweetie...your time will come. promise.
we snapped some pictures in our outfit that our friend Emily bought us.
we miss, Miss Emily and her sweet baby, Catherine.
thank you for our precious outfit... i said earlier...we packed up and headed to see family.
i stayed at my mom's last weekend, and then we went to north east texas to see lalee & pops.
while in Dallas
we ventured to Grapefest.
So fun.
eloise rode her first carousel with Gambi
she was a little unsure at first, but ended up loving it.

while E was on the ride, little Em decided it was best for her to nap...
i just can't get over her lips. i really can't.

of course if you are going to go to the "fair" one MUST have cotton candy.

and i think i have mentioned before that eloise is OBSESSED with bubbles...
so, what do you know...
the fair had a bubble gun...
oh goodness she just played and played
Gambi had fun getting her!!

then it was time to go to Daingerfield.
Lalee was able to get in a lot of "grandma" time.
I LOVE these two pictures of Lalee with sweet Emmy.
the smiles are their faces say it all.

Lalee also had her hands full....but it looks like she was enjoying it. :)

Uncle Tucker had a Jr. High football game on Thursday night, so of course we had to attend. What FUN we had.
Eloise and Emerson wore shirts proudly stating who their uncle was... #51!!
I was impressed watching Tucker play...what a football player!!
Eloise, LOVED the band...and just danced and danced on the sidelines...
I see cheerleading in her future.

eloise was afraid to be held by the tiger...she would tell her "hi" and "bye", but did not want anything to do with her...
Emerson, of course, didn't know the difference.

Daddy came in to Daingerfield on Thursday night, so we were able to spend all day Friday with him.
We went to the state park and had a ball.
A trip to the state park isn't complete without a Sonic drink!

the b.o.b. DEFINITELY came in handy was bumpy!!!

eloise has been very aware of when her diddy leaves.
this video is hilarious..he went in to subway and she was so upset...but the second she noticed him again...she was all smiles

and we were able to see Super Nana and Super Poppy, twice!
On Saturday we went over there and it was so nice outside, we hung out on their back porch and ate hamburgers...
so blessed to still have my nana and poppy in my life.

eloise trying on poppy's hat...golfer in the future, maybe??

eloise tried so hard to say poppy..but he is now her "popeye"

and then the weekend came to a close by going to church on Sunday.
The girls went to the nursery with their Lalee, and Walt and I were able to hear a wonderful sermon.
ahhh the comforts of home.

would have been a great picture IF the girls would have been looking!!!

and after a little hershey kiss and some milk...this one was TIRED and was fast asleep.
I'd say that makes for a successful week!!


Rathi said...

The video of E looking for her daddy is precious! Krishani is starting to become very attached to her daddy as well, i wonder if it's the age! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Sue said...

These videos make me smile! Emmy is growing up too fast! Can't believe she is not a little, infant baby anymore. And, Eloise. My goodness. I can't believe how much she is talking already! Can't wait to see these babies soon!!

Jenette said...

Awww, this post is so sweet!! You and your family are just the cutest:)