September 7, 2011

A weekend of firsts....

First off let me say I don't know what to think about this new blogger... it has taken me forever to load pictures, I type in certain things and they aren't showing up when I look at the published if things are missing I am is not my fault.

Aww... what a weekend of firsts. What a fabulous weekend of firsts.
This was the first weekend for college football.
What? Don't even try to pretend like you don't know what happened with Baylor football this weekend.
Even if you DON'T watch Baylor football...the second you turned on ESPN you had no option but to see how incredible Baylor played. Not to mention that we killed beat the TCU frogs...thank the good Lord. Maybe they will shut up for a while about how incredible their defense is.

But, anyway....back to the weekend of first..

So...I had been counting down the DAYS until opening weekend..

we packed up our car, Eloise made sure our house was locked, and we were on our way.

On Thursday night, Diddy spoke to a bunch of Baylor students. You know, it was one of those lectures that you can attend are forced to attend for extra credit.
Then on Friday morning, we woke up early and hit our favorite coffee spot...
OH the memories of Common Grounds.
I could drink a frozen mochachino

And this was officially Emerson's FIRST time to Common Grounds

Pretty girl liked it.

Eloise has had an obsession with with straws lately...
she literally took my drink and wouldn't give it back!!
Thank goodness my drink was caffeine free.
and I'm not going to lie.. we took a stroll through campus right when
classes were switching. Oh the looks we received. What? you
aren't used to seeing a double stroller on a college campus??

Our Baylor Bears

Then it was off to George's...
Oh George's how I love thee.
Let me count thy ways...
I love your Baylor Beggars, your Big 'O Peach Bellini,
and your chicken and broccoli potato....
This was Eloise's FIRST time to eat the food...
and Emerson's first time to go to the historic site.
After some lunch, it was time to go and tailgate!! Eloise was able to meet her friend, Colton for the first time.
Colton's mommy and I were sorority sisters...
and Colton's daddy and Walt were fraternity brothers!!
First Bass Family Photo
of the 2011 Baylor Football Season!!
Emerson taking in her first Baylor tailgating experience
and it wouldn't be a tailgate without my sister and Riley!!
Take One
Oh I like Take 2 better...without the glasses
Roo Boo had some dental work done while down in Waco...he is a little drugged in this picture!!

Kisses for my sweet baby girl
Eloise enjoying a lemon chill during the game
Uncle Preston rocking Em to sleep
Although I had to leave at half time because my girls were both sleepy, Walt was able to stay...and guess what...WE WON!! I went back to the hotel where my sister was and we watched the game on pretty much gave both of us a heart attack!! And this was the first time we beat a #15 or higher ranked team since
and then there was College Game Day with RG3...he truly is a wonderful person. Here he is with the beautiful Erin Andrews... So proud he is leading our bears!! and he is now #4 for the Heisman and we are now ranked #20...WOO HOO!! GO BEARS!!
Why wouldn't you be proud to be a bear!!
While at the hotel, Eloise and I watched our FIRST movie together. It was Tangled... what a precious, precious movie!!Don't you love her choice of a chair??
Of course we HAD to go back on Baylor campus on Saturday before leaving Waco. Here is Eloise just running around her future campus.

So many memories of this place. What a beautiful campus!!

I love this reminded me of what Walt and I will look like when we come up to Baylor to visit our girls...

Then it was off to one of our friend's ranch houses down in Hearne. This was great because it was half way home for us, so the girls didn't have to stay in the car for too long.
Here is Eloise and Poco...running with Riley...
they are totally loving the freedom to do whatever they want.
This was both E's first time at a ranch!

sweet Pat, whom Eloise has become quite fond of, took her to ride in the truck. She loves Pat.
After a ride on the golf cart, Eloise passed out. We were touring the new house and E was so tired that we placed her on the mattress and she didn't even wake up... it was hilarious!

I decided to join her..she did not budge! she was sooo tired from a fun day!!

Saturday night was great...we ate some Bush's chicken, watched some football, played Scattergories...and McKamy...well, McKamy changed his FIRST diaper.. although Emerson decided she would pee all over him...he still did a great job!!
And Sunday morning, we, as in me, Poco and McKamy, woke up and took a nice little walk around the ranch

then we enjoyed some coffee on the front porch
and E decided she would just go off on her own

we relaxed

and it was the FIRST time Eloise had seen/pet a horse!
Pat was nice enough to bring her out on a rope with the hopes the Eloise would ride her, but Eloise is in fact, my child, and didn't want to ride the horsey.

Aunt Poco and E just hanging out.
such a great way to end a successful WIN for the Bears!!
and Emerson has some news to share.....
she was kind of unsure about it at first...
didn't really know if she would like it...
but..the verdict is out..
and it was her FIRST time to try oatmeal...
and we now LOVE it!!
and the last little first...
this is the FIRST time it hasn't been 95+ degrees in who knows how long.
we have already taken numerous walks, played at the park, and can actually go back to our outside time during the day... honor of this cooler weather, and the fact that fall is a' coming...
i had to dress up these two cuties in their pumpkin dresses....
Fall is almost here!
I've already decorated...I CAN'T WAIT!!


Stephanie said...

love the weekend recap. LOVE the baylor campus pictures... ahh... waco in the fall. your girls are SO cute... loving the happy fall y'all picture. m e l t

and girl ME TOO about this new blogger. i keep changing back to the old layout. it is too hard for my old lady mind to keep up with technology :)

xoxo, s