October 17, 2011


people often mistake my children for boys. why? because of their hair...wait, wait, wait...i mean their LACK of hair. I feel sorry for them. They are NOT the ones to blame. see that picture above...that's me..on the right. yep, sporting NO hair. thank goodness my mother decided to put me in a dress or else, i too, might think that i was, in fact. a male. 

see this little one, emerson, right here...
she's 6 months...i've been looking at her lately thinking that she is extremely bald.
i mean, she is pretty bald here....
smiley...but still bald. 
bow is the only thing that shouts girl.
 so, i went through and looked at eloise's pictures at 6 months...
what was i thinking? she's bald as well.
i don't even think i can decide who has more hair...
they are both BALD. 
neither one of them have really anything that you can call hair.
 goodness, how did they get so bald.
now why in the WORLD did my mother put me in a track suit?
heavens to betsy, i resemble a boy here...
and i am just as bald as my two babies. 
i feel sorry for them.
we have a terrible case of missing hair.
the picture from left to right, momma.eloise.emerson.
i pray that they actually get my hair one day...because now..i have a lot of it.
my precious bald babies

check back this week for 6 & 20 month posts, a trip to the children's museum AND the pumpkin patch!!


Mt. Marcy said...

I thought the girls were the spitting image of Walt, but now that I see pictures of you, I'm torn! I too was a bald baby.